Need Cash Quick? Here’s What to Do

There’s definitely been a point in everyone’s life when they need cash as fast as possible. You might have a medical emergency, or an important appliance could break. Whatever your emergency, you need to have a plan to make some cash quick. Some of these will depend on how much time you actually have, but you should be able to do a lot of them regardless:

Sell Your Stuff 

You probably have a ton of things lying around that you don’t want or need. Gather them up and sell them. You could take part in a car boot sale, sell them online, or recycle them for cash from certain companies. They are a million different ways you can get money from stuff you don’t want.


If you have friends that have kids, a great idea could be to babysit for them. Ask them if they fancy taking some time to themselves and give them a good quote for your services. Obviously you’ll need to be good with kids for this to work. You might even consider setting up a part time babysitting business on the side.

Check Your Bags and Pockets 

I’m not guaranteeing much here, but you might be surprised if you check your bags, pockets, and even under your sofa for money. You might end up with a few more notes to add to your funds if you’re lucky.

Get a Fast Loan 

If you just can’t wait for this money, you could get a fast loan. Some loans can be in your bank in a matter of minutes, so if you need some cash extra fast and don’t have time to wait, this option could be for you. Ferratum recommends reading reviews on providers so you know you’re going to get a good service. You don’t want to end up being charged through the nose or getting bad customer service!

Get Rid of Scrap Metal 

If you have a lot of scrap metal, you could get a nice wad of cash for it by taking it to a legitimate company who buys it. This option is great if you have a fair bit to get rid of, but it may not be worth it if you don’t have much. Saying that, every little helps!

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Start a Small Business from Home


There are a ton of businesses you can start from home that won’t cost you much to begin with. It’s up to you what you’re interested in; some people make a living from just selling their things on eBay. You might decide to build affiliate sites or something similar. Do your research and you’re bound to find something! Just make sure you protect your business; you must do this if you plan on taking it seriously.


Rent a Room in Your House


Spare room at home? Why not rent it out? You can usually do this without getting taxed on your income, so it might be worth it if you can find somebody you trust!


There are many more things you can do to raise a quick buck too – which will you try? Bye for now!


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