Put The House On The Market WITHOUT These 3 Mistakes

If you’ve never sold a house before, you’re going to be in for a surprise when you realise it’s not as easy as popping a sign out the front and accepting the first offer you get. It’s a time-consuming job, selling a house, and it’s also a very emotional time. Having strangers come for a viewing and look around at your things and judge your interior design choices can feel like an intrusion. To add to that, they will then likely offer you less for your house than you believe it’s worth!

It’s very easy for a first timer to make a lot of small mistakes when it comes to selling for the first time, but these mistakes can be avoided with a little guidance and a lot of emotional scaffolding! We’ve put together some of the most common mistakes first time sellers make, as well as how to avoid them.

Mistake 1 – Assuming An Agent Is Essential.

Most people who sell their home have an agent on side to help them advertise and help to set a fair price for their home. This can increase the odds of a quick sale and also take the stress off of you to interact with potential buyers – the agent can do that for you. The thing is, agents often come with a hefty commission cost and can be difficult to deal with. You can, in fact, sell your home by yourself. There may be an assumption that you need an agent, but if you research ‘sell my house now’ for good ways to get it off the market, you can get a good price and very quickly, without all the commission fees. Companies out there can buy the house no matter the condition and give you the price it is worth.

Mistake 2 – Setting A High Price.

Okay, so we know you’ve had your home for a number of years and there is a certain emotional attachment to the house. You maybe had children grow up there or it was the first place you bought out of college. The thing is, you cannot choose the price you set on your house and that’s the whole point of getting it valued. Having someone tell you exactly what it is worth will help you in the long run and make sure that buyers are getting a realistic amount for the area. Do the research for your neighbourhood and find out how much local homes are going for: you may be surprised!

Mistake 3 – Not Staging Correctly.

Articles like this one here will tell you in a lot of detail how you should set your home up for selling. The trick for a good sale is removing anything personal to you from the house. It has to look like a generic show home so buyers can envision their own things and their own personal effects inside it. It won’t look like a home ready for selling if your wedding photos are lingering on the sideboard!

All in all, selling your home is a minefield, that much is true. Avoiding these mistakes can help you to get the price you want and set you on the path to buying another home that is perfect for you.

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