Should You Turn Your Passion For Blogging Into A Business?

If you can come up with some amazing concepts, and are good at writing, blogging is for you. It’s likely you are reading this post because you already have a blog that you manage. And I’m willing to bet that you’ve got plenty of blog followers too.

But, there’s just one downside to your passion for blogging: it costs you money. You have to pay for hosting fees and domain name renewals for a start. If you use stock images on your blog, you will no doubt have to pay for them too.

As you can imagine, those costs will soon mount up, and you have to cover them out of your personal income. It might have crossed your mind that you could use your blog’s popularity to make some cash. But, should you make money from your passion for blogging?

The art of turning your blogging passion into a business

Yes is the answer to the question in the previous paragraph! It’s unusual to find a blog that doesn’t use their site to make money in some form. If you only have a small to medium sized blog, don’t give up your day job just yet!

Your primary aim of turning your blog into a business is to cover the site’s expenses. Sometimes you might have to pay to attend events or shows, for instance, so that you can write about them. You may also have to pay for accommodation and travel costs too.

All the popular blogs on the Web have to cover such costs all the time. There is no stigma to selling things on your blog; e-commerce is a big industry after all! So, don’t feel bad about wanting to make money from your blog.

How to make money without annoying your readers

There is a fine line between subtle advertising and the “in your face” type that makes people want to leave! As a blogger, it is crucial that you don’t go too far with your money-making efforts.

You need to think about the value you add to your readers by linking to certain products or services. The worst thing you could do is have about 100 links on each blog post going to various external sites!

The following two examples will show you how to generate income from your blog:

Affiliate Programs

The classic way to make money from a blog is by using affiliate links. They can be in the form of text links or banners. You earn a commission each time someone buys a product via one of your affiliated links.

According to, some people even create marketing campaigns out of them! For example, they pay for PPC (pay-per-click) ads to their blog posts to reach a wider audience. In case you wondered, PPC ads are like the ones you see in Google at the top and right hand-side of each search page.


Another way to make money is by selling e-books. Have you got specialist knowledge of a topic? If so, you could sell how-to guides to people.

You could sell those e-books through your blog, or via an affiliate link to somewhere like Amazon.

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