Small Business Owners: Make Sure Your Are Protected

Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause a business to stall – and even fall. However, by putting the right protection in place, you can help yourself avoid the worst and reduce the amount of risk that your company is exposed to. Here are five key areas to look at.

Network security

First of all, if you are a business that operates in the modern world, it’s almost guaranteed that you have some connection to the Internet. While this gives you a whole world of opportunity, it can also expose you to dangers. Cyber criminals are a real threat to business, and if you are targeted there is very little you can do. However, as thieves tend to be lazy – and there are a lot of easy targets elsewhere – if your software security is robust enough, they will probably leave you alone. Make sure your anti-virus and security programs are up to date, and ensure your staff follow a good set of online protocol instructions.

Real world security

There are some obvious advantages of having a secure workplace, and plenty of different methods you can use to keep your site safe. You can install alarm systems and employ overnight security, for example. But, in general, it’s important to remember one thing and one thing only. The vast majority of thefts are crimes of opportunity. Thieves will see an open window or an unlocked door, and take a chance on not getting caught. It can happen so quickly you won’t even realize. So, make sure your staff are aware of the importance of locking up – including windows.

Health and safety

The health, safety, and security of your employees are your responsibility. It’s important to make sure you are following all the government guidelines and regulations, not just to keep them safe, but also to reduce your financial risk. If they have an accident while, under your watch, you could face a lawsuit – and that could lead to financial ruin. It’s the little things you need to watch, too. Attorney Mike O’Connell explains that accidents such as slips, trips and falls, and injuries due to maintenance negligence are common. And it is the employer that often has to fit the bill.

Overall protection

You can have all the protection in the world in place, but people still have accidents and criminals still love to steal stuff. So, when the worst happens, you have to have the right protection in place. And that protection comes in the form of insurance. You need to go through your policies tooth and nail to make sure you won’t get stung should something happen to your business. That applies to natural disasters, too. For example, if you are based near a fault line, are you protected against earthquake damage? Or if you are located in a dry area, are you protected against wildfire? Sure, these payments may be a pain. But not as much as the agony you will be caused when something goes wrong.

We hope this article has helped to highlight some of the key areas your business should be looking at when it comes to protection. As you can see, security isn’t just about padlocks and imposing gates. It’s also about understanding your responsibilities.

Meena Kadri

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