What Is Fairtrade & Why Is It So Important?

We’ve all heard of Fairtrade at some point or another, and some of us have a fairly good idea of what it is. However, some people aren’t aware of the purpose of Fairtrade, and some haven’t even heard of it before. In truth, we could talk about the benefits of Fairtrade all day! In the interest of conserving time, we’re going to take a quick look at why it’s so important.

Simply put, Fairtrade is the term for products that have adhered to certain standards. The Fairtrade Foundation was originally established in 1992 by a number of organizations. While it has a particularly strong presence in the UK, it’s a global movement. The foundation itself is actually a member of Fairtrade International. The international program combines a number of initiatives from all over the world. In particular, Fairtrade is in place to protect workers, as well as protecting the environment. Fairtrade aims to help small-scale farmers and workers in order to protect their livelihoods. By being paid a fair price for their work, they are able to earn more money and enjoy better lives as a result.

Fairtrade aims to tackle the issue of poverty in its own way, by enhancing the importance of the workers themselves. The initiative has continued to blossom over time. In fact, you don’t have to look far in order to find a Fairtrade product these days. In order to spot one, all you need to do is check for the Fairtrade label on the packaging. By purchasing that product, you can ensure that it has adhered to the Fairtrade standards.

One of the most common uses for Fairtrade is chocolate, and you’ll find plenty of chocolate bars sporting the symbol. Coffee is another popular one, as is sugar, tea, and wine. You can even buy Fairtrade furniture from places like Ian Snow Ltd. You’ll often see adverts on TV and YouTube sporting the Fairtrade logo on these types of products.

The standards in place have all sorts of specially tailored benefits. For example, they prevent greenhouse gas emissions. They also promote training for farmers to develop environmentally friendly solutions. Additional training benefits come in the form of farming. By improving the skills of farmers in developing countries, they’ll be able to sell more products and make a better living.

Although Fairtrade has grown significantly over the years, it still has a way to go. On the official Fairtrade website, it is stated: “our vision is ambitious and there is always more than Fairtrade can and should do to extend its impact to more vulnerable regions and difficult-to-reach groups.”. Part of this impact needs to come from our awareness of it. By buying more Fairtrade products, the general public can help to assist fair working practices.

As you can see, Fairtrade is so important as it promotes a better quality of life for all of us. The environmental benefits of the scheme are crucial to protecting the world we live in. Farmers and workers in poorer countries are also able to benefit from the scheme in potentially life-changing ways. The next time you go to the shops, keep an eye out for that Fairtrade symbol.

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