The Benefits of Having a Credit Card While Traveling

Traveling can be extremely stressful; from long lines in airport security, to checking baggage, to flight delays. One thing you will not need to worry about when traveling is how you will pay for things if you choose to use credit cards. You may consider using cash, check, or even travelers checks, but the most rewarding and simple thing to use for your spending needs would be credit cards. You can use airline/hotel specific cards, you can earn rewards and discounts by using credit cards, and you can overall save on your travel by using credit cards. I will quickly go over the benefits of using credit cards while traveling and give handy tips on how to maximize on the rewards and discounts many credit cards have to offer.

Airline/Hotel Specific Cards

For those of you who fly frequently either for business or just for personal leisure reasons, you may choose to use the same airline or hotel. Many airlines and hotels offer specific credit cards. With these credit cards you may receive a hefty sign up bonus or points. You may receive perks such as priority check in, free baggage checking, and free Wi-Fi onboard. Many airline and hotel specific credit cards will offer discounts on flights or rooms, you may even receive seating upgrades in flight and room upgrades in your preferred hotel.

How to Gain Rewards/Discounts/Points

Basically, the more you use your credit cards, the more you gain. It’s that easy! When you use your credit card to book flights or hotel rooms you earn frequent flier miles or points to use for future flights, or to book hotel rooms. You may also earn rewards every time you use your credit card such as for Broadway tickets or for use towards rental cards. The more you use your credit card, the more rewards and discounts you will get to use on future purchases. Feel free to contact the credit card company to gain knowledge of all the rewards programs your credit card may offer.

Saving on Travel

A huge advantage of having a credit card is the rewards and discounts you will receive. Not only can you use your credit card for travel to earn points and rewards but you can use your credit card for day-to-day expenses. When you use your card for daily expenses, it will earn you even more rewards that you may put towards future travel expenses you may wind up incurring. The more you utilize your card both for actual travel and day-to-day purchases, the more discounts you will get to use on future travel. Many hotels rental car facilities may also offer a discounted rate upfront for using a preferred credit card.

There are many benefits to using credit cards for travel purposes, if you take this advice for traveling wisely into account every time you travel, you will maximize on these benefits. Do not forget to consider APR; fees that may come along with the credit card should be offset by the rewards and benefits of the card. Remember, by using a credit card for travel purposes you are attempting to create a travel experience that is easy. You are allowing yourself the freedom to spend while accruing discounts and rewards to use towards future travel endeavors.

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