How Absenteeism Can Destroy a Business

When employees are taking advantage of your business and taking time off when the feel like it, the results for your business can be disastrous.

Productivity & Profits Fall

The number one killer of productivity for small and medium-sized businesses is absenteeism. If you don’t have people in your office doing the job you pay them to do, it’s only logical that productivity will fall. And, in the long-term, this can be disastrous for businesses as their bottom line will take the hit.

Billions of dollars are lost to absenteeism every single year in the Western world. This should give you some idea of how big the problem truly is. The wages you pay to people when they don’t come to work are wastes, and you’ll also have to pay the high wages of replacement workers.

Your Time is Taken Up

It’s not just money you lose either; you can also lose a huge amount of time when you constantly have to deal with employees’ absenteeism. You’re forced to chase up people who have not come into the office and find out why they’re not there. It’s a real pain.

Then you have to worry about finding replacement staff member who can come into the office and cover the work that needs to be done. All of this takes up time that could have otherwise been spent doing something more worthwhile and more productive. And you know what they say, time is money!

Poor Office Cohesion

If you can’t find replacement staff to come in and cover the work, you will have to ask your other staff members to chip in and cover the work. This could cause big problems if it starts to happen repeatedly. They are being asked to do someone else’s work when they’ve done nothing wrong at all.

That isn’t very fair on them, but you might not have any alternative. The workers being asked to do work for other people will eventually begin to resent their colleague who is having time off, and they might start to resent you too. These kinds of rifts and problems are something that ought to be avoided at all costs.

How to Combat Absenteeism

Now you understand the destructive damage that persistent absenteeism can cause to a business, you should start to look into ways of combatting it. There are lots of things you can do. Firstly, find out why people are having time off, there might be a genuine reason for not showing up regularly.

If they refuse to speak to you, or you’re suspicious of something, you could hire a company of investigators to do some digging for you. If you find that they’re lying to you, you will have grounds to fire them and hire someone with a little more honesty and integrity. To make sure that your employees feel invested in the business, you should make sure you listen to their concerns and pay them properly.

Absenteeism can destroy a business if it’s not dealt with swiftly, so get to work today.

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