How Secure Is Your Company?

Have you ever wondered how vulnerable your company is to theft? It’s something that no business owner likes to think about, as the consequences are devastating. Business theft can destroy your finances, and your reputation in the industry. For startups, it can cripple your company before you even get off the ground. The truth is security threats are all around us. From both inside and outside the company itself. There are also very real threats to physical property and cyber security. If you’re looking for ways to improve the security at your business, here are a few ideas.

Secure your mobile devices

Some of the biggest hackings and cyber thievery takes place on a smartphone. Your smartphone, if you’re a business owner! Mobile phone company Blackberry were particularly poor when it came to security, hence the nickname ‘Crackberry’. It’s very easy to swipe someone’s phone on the commute to work, or during a meeting. If someone wants access to your personal and business files, they’ll find a way through your smartphone. Make sure it’s locked behind secure codes and passwords.


Sometimes, a simple password is all it takes to keep hackers out. A seven letter word hardly seems like cutting-edge security technology, but it’s devilishly difficult to crack. That’s the beauty of passwords! Hackers can crack them, but only where there are logical patterns across your business. With that in mind, always make sure you use different passcodes for every platform and website. When it comes to business logins, make them as complex as possible, and rotate them regularly.

Securely backup your data

A lot of modern businesses deal with customer data. Names, email addresses, phone numbers, locations are all stored as part of customer transactions. You may even be storing their credit card details and payment information. If so, you’re in control of a lot of sensitive data. If your server is hacked, you risk the leak of lots of sensitive information. That’s why so many startups are now building a data centre. It’s a secure, private server protected by complex firewalls and encryption codes. It’s very hard to access, even for your employees.

Think about physical property

So far, we’ve focused on cyber security and threats to online information. But, don’t forget real life thefts, especially if you own business property and stock. Warehouses, offices, and factories are high targets for thieves; it’s up to you to keep them out. Start with a strong perimeter security system. Electric gates and fences are perfect if necessary. Boost the surveillance with sophisticated CCTV cameras and motion sensors. It’s also worth investing in thick, heavy deadlocks and bolts. The simple techniques are often the best!

Monitor your employees

No business owner likes to imagine their employees stealing from them. But, unfortunately, it does happen. Up to 100,000 employee theft cases were reported in the USA alone last year. Make sure you keep an eye on things, without invading their privacy.

Follow this advice, and you’ll help keep your business safe and secure. Have we missed any crucial tricks? Please let us know.

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