How to Build a Business Based on Your Unique Designs

If you are good at building and creating household items that your friends already admire, you can turn your unique designs into money. There are many websites that offer unique items for interior designers and builders, and if you are any good at designing what people are looking for, you can have a workshop creating garden ornaments, patios, playhouses, and even treehouses in no time. You need to have a lot of patience and creativity, as well as an impressive portfolio of your designs that your customers will love. If you are thinking about creating unique home designs and sell them for the general public, read the below guide.

Focus on Small Items First

If you don’t want to invest too much in your business first, you can start creating prototypes of small items, such as planter boxes, window boxes, and even dog kennels. This way, you will not need to invest a lot of money in raw materials. Check out the prices on George Hill Timber to estimate the cost of each design. Whenever you get a good idea, experiment with it in your home, upload the pictures on the internet, and test the waters. This is the best way of finding out which items and design solutions are likely to be the most popular in your area, and how you can help potential customers.

Find Your Niche

Having great building skills is not enough, though. You also need to find the market segment that has a demand for what you have to offer. You might want to check homeowner forums for questions that need answering, help people out with design ideas, and offer a free consultation. Whether you are a builder by trade, or a craft enthusiast, you can turn your skills into money if you find the target market that is willing to pay the price for personalized designs. Search for ideas on the internet, and see which items are hot and are selling fast.

Show off Your Skills in Your Home

Without proof, nobody will believe you that you can build a unique garden house or an attractive dog kennel with great features. If you are serious about your business, you need to invest time and money in creating prototypes and designs, and share it with your target market. You can use different platforms, such as social media to target your local community, or place an advert in the paper or magazine to get people to get in touch and share their ideas with you.

Get Ideas Online

The best way of creating a successful design and building business is to find out more about the competition and learn from them. Chances are there are some people who already offer unique home design services, and they share their prices and products online. Find out which types of outbuildings, garden decor items, or animal huts are in demand, so you can focus on the profitable items, instead of wasting your energy on trying to sell designs nobody wants to buy.

Create an Etsy and Instagram Account

Once you have a great portfolio and professional pictures, you can price up each design and create a shop on various portals. If all your designs are unique, having an Etsy account is recommended, but you can also team up with local builders and sell your products on eBay. Make sure that you calculate the cost of promotion and delivery before you determine your pricing structure. There are several small companies that are happy to team up with small businesses to expand their product portfolio. Look for opportunities in your target area.

Offer Free Design Services

Once your portfolio, marketing and distribution channels are ready, it is time to take orders. You might want to initially offer a free design service and a personal consultation for clients, to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Offering more value for the price is always a good market entrance strategy, and can pay off long term. Even if you have to spend time meeting with potential clients, you will benefit by learning more about their preferences, problems, and concerns.

Putting your building and design skills into good use and making a living off them can be a good option for you. Do your market research, check out the offers of the competition, find out more about your target market, and create a professional portfolio. Keep an eye on designs that are in demand, and choose your suppliers carefully, so you get quality materials and impress your first customers.

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