Limiting The Natural Costs Of A Startup

Running a startup likely means that you are pinching the pennies and trying to achieve as much as you can on a shoestring budget. Not only is this because the natural cost of running a startup has increased in recent years, but there is so much to do in order for you to begin bringing in a regular stream of revenue that it can feel overwhelming in the early days. Luckily, there are methods around these issues, which help you save money and stretch out your early day survivability rate with real ability and a sense of integrity.

If you have been lucky enough to bring in an investment or qualify for a loan from, it’s likely that you want that money to stretch as far as possible before paying it off. Here are a few tips for stretching the pennies.

Multi Role

You will need to accept that in the early days of your business, you may need to function as the figurehead of many departments. Applying these roles to yourself will mean that your day will be stretched between responsibilities, but at the same time, there is no better way to instinctively learn the operations of your business with totality and care that you simply will not experience if you defer all the authority to others. If you’re new to the business, there is no better way to get that hands on training which is so vastly coveted among other firms.

Yes, your time will be scattered from responsibility to responsibility, as you develop the product, market the product and deal with support claims all by yourself, but there’s no better way to save on salaries than to simply make yourself do everything. This also lessens the time you need to apply to important things having to show a new employee the ropes of your business. Time is money, and that’s even more apparent in the case of the startup owner.


If you’re looking for help because you simply cannot keep up with the demand by yourself any longer, instead of hiring professional help straight away, why not look for an intern who is hoping to gain college credit or hands on experience at a real firm? If you explicitly state regarding the contract from day one that you’re looking for someone to begin on the job training with undefined hours and an intern’s salary, you’d be surprised at how many people will apply to simply get their foot in the door of the world of business. Just remember that as you grow and as the intern is responsible for said growth, offering them a full-time position and salary could be a nice way to show a token of appreciation after your initial success. For now though, when pinching pennies as much as possible, it’s important to make the most of everything you have for success.

These hiring and duty filling tips are sure to keep your wallet heavy, at least in the short term. With solid planning and financial awareness, there’s no reason why you can’t make your firm a success.

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