Tips for a More Eco Friendly Business

Having an eco friendly business is so much kinder to the environment. Some businesses can make a big difference to the world around us, so it’s a good idea to make that a positive one. These tips will help you to run a more eco friendly business:

Use Natural Light

Using natural light has plenty of benefits. Not only is it more eco-friendly, it’s also cheaper. It’s better for your employees too, as it encourages them to be more alert throughout the day. Instead of having all of the lights on, open the blinds and curtains. Let is natural light for as long as possible and all of your employees will feel better.

Turn Everything off at Night

Before leaving the office, make sure you’ve turned everything off. It won’t make sense to turn certain things off, especially if you have to reset them in some way. However, most things will be able to be turned off at the wall rather than left on stand by. Make sure each employee is responsible for the things they use too.

Go Paperless

Try to go paperless as much as you can in your office. Have receipts for things sent to you through your email address, and avoid wasting paper in other ways. Going paperless is a fairly new idea, but it’s set to get much more popular.

Limit Printing/Printers

Limit printing and even the amount of printers you have to save paper and ink. You’ll also save electricity and money! If you have tons of printers, people are going to think of things to print far more nonchalantly than they usually would. Limit them and reduce the amount your print as a business. Make sure everybody is on the same page as you in the office too.

Work With Trustworthy Companies

If you want to make your business especially eco friendly, you should work with other trustworthy companies. They’ll help you to get things done quicker and more efficiently. Make sure you do your research on companies that could help you, such as non destructive digging. Other companies who aim to be eco friendly in some way are worth supporting.


Make sure you aim to recycle as much as you can as a business. Recycle paper, packaging, old equipment, and anything else you have. Give things to charity too, rather than throwing them away. As a business, you’ll use more waste than the average household, so make sure you’re recycling properly and putting in the effort. It’ll make a bigger difference than you think.

Limit the Packaging You Use

Limit the packaging you use for your own services and products to avoid waste. If you must, make sure the packaging you use can be recycled, or is made from recycled materials.

As more people are conscious of being eco friendly these days, it’s likely you’ll become more successful. So many businesses don’t pay much attention to how they are harming the environment, so differentiate yourselves this way. Leave your own thoughts below!

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