Be The Boss: Becoming Your Own Investment Manager

Businesses have too much to worry about without fretting over company investments. Usually, a certified professional takes care of the portfolio to give the boss breathing space. Lots of owners find this to be an acceptable solution because the cost is low and the ROI high. However, not understanding the firm’s investment is naïve and potentially catastrophic. When a third party is in charge, their actions determine success and failure. That alone should make a business want to bring the process in how, but how.

Below are the tips which will turn you into a bona fide investment manager.

Hire A Pro

Okay, the idea of going solo and then hiring a wealth management company doesn’t seem logical. Once you look under the surface, however, the reasoning is apparent. Question: do you need advice about your investments? Answer: yes you do. Remember that you are a novice in the industry and need to brush up on your skills. The best way to do it is to hire a top-quality firm and learn the tricks of the trade. Now, it may take years rather than months, but it’s a necessary learning curve. By going solo too early, you are bound to make massive mistakes. Education is the key.

Keep It Simple

Once you no longer feel like Bambi on the ice, it is time to venture out on your own. Still, it’s a fierce and competitive industry, and managing investments is scary business. To avoid the first day jitters, take a piece of advice from Mr Warren Buffett. The Buff says the trick to a successful investment is simplicity. Stick with that you know, understand the basics, and keep a watchful eye on proceedings. Another fantastic tip is to invest in reliable projects. Real estate is popular because it’s easy to follow. Stocks and share less so, yet there are companies who make a steady killing. Apple stock is expensive but it won’t fluctuate.


The deeper you go into the maze, the more comfortable you will feel. When managing company assets doesn’t wake you up at night, it’s time to diversify. A myth which you should forget straight away is investing in abstract sectors. Does expanding mean you should have investments in everything from property to stocks and gold? It means changing up the structure to avoid risk. Real estate may be your thing. Rather than buying property, however, you should consider mortgages. It’s a savvy way to stick with what you know and reduce risk.

Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You may not be in Rome, and you may be in a rush, but it doesn’t matter. The main rule of investment management is patience. If you don’t let the project mature, the ROI won’t be pretty. In fact, it will be pretty ugly because it could result in a loss. Forget about flipping properties and selling shares for a quick turnaround. Instead, let the investment grow old with dignity.

Think of an investment like a fine wine: it gets better with age.

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