Here’s Where You’re Spending Needlessly

No one likes to be ripped off. Most of us are very wary of scams and ‘dodgy dealers’, but there are still plenty of ways that you might be spending more than you need to. As the price of food and transportation continues to increase, we have to be more money savvy than ever. And if you’re desperately trying to save some cash for a future project or home, then you need to make every penny you spend count. Is this where you’re spending more than you need to?


Most office jobs can now be undertaken from home. Or on vacation. Or anywhere at anytime. If you haven’t yet asked your boss for some flexible working arrangements, now is the time. It could save you hundreds on commuting costs like fuel and parking. It also saves you time and a few pennies on dry cleaning that suit every week!

Use a bicycle or walk for shorter distances. It is the shortest journeys that cost the most per mile. Wear and tear on your vehicle is far greater in the first couple of miles too. Just leaving your car at home once a week could save you a small fortune and help your health and the environment at the same time.

Energy Bills

We all know we should be turning off the lights when we leave a room. But twenty-first century technology needs to be charged – a lot! We tend to leave things plugged in. Sure, they don’t use too much electricity, but it’s still wasted. Make it a habit to switch everything off. Look for cheaper-to-run appliances too.

It’s important you switch your energy supplier often enough to make good use of better deals. Electricity suppliers, in particular, tend to offer new customers much better savings. If you haven’t checked out all the latest tariffs in the last year or so, get cracking.

Credit Cards

If you’re not clearing your balance each and every month, you’re throwing money away. Most of us have to borrow money at some point in our lives, but doing it on a credit card is not usually the wisest approach. For everything you buy but don’t pay for, you will end up paying much more than the purchase price. And every month adds to that cost. Thought you were getting a bargain on that new TV? Think again if you didn’t pay for it straight away!


Most of us can’t help ourselves. The sales period start and we jump into the car to the shopping center and spend the entire day browsing. And then we find that deal that is an incredible bargain. How can we say no? If you didn’t go shopping with the intention of buying that product, don’t buy it. If it doesn’t replace something that is of no use anymore, don’t buy it. Sales are there to entice us to part with our cash. Don’t do it needlessly!

There are plenty of times when we pay a premium for convenience. Or maybe we covet something so much it gives us great delight to purchase it. Perhaps these examples aren’t needless spending? Do you cost yourself more than you should?

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