10 Creative Ways To Raise Some Cash When You Need It

The thing about cash is that some people have it, and some don’t. If you fall into the latter category, you are probably wondering how to raise some when you need a bit of extra money.

Getting a second job is obviously one way to do that, but you’ll end up getting taxed a hell of a lot on your extra income!

Aside from partaking in anything illegal, what else can you do to raise the money that you need?

Well, it turns that there are plenty of creative ways to get your paws on some cash. If you have to pay for an unexpected bill soon, here are ten examples for you to try out. Check them out:

1. Become a writer

Do you have a way with words? Are you an excellent written communicator? If so, you should consider becoming a writer. Sure, you could take the time to write a large book such as a novel. But you will doubtless want to raise the money you need sooner rather than later.

Websites like Amazon let you create “e-books” that you can sell on through their platform. They handle payment transactions, and you get up to a 70% cut of any e-book sales. You can create a website for your e-books and link to your book pages on Amazon. The result? You make extra money through affiliate links to their site!

Matched Betting

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2. Consider doing some matched betting

If you don’t know what you’re doing, betting (and gambling in general) can be a costly and addictive exercise. However, you can limit your risk exposure by following a practice known as “matched betting.”

In a nutshell, betting vendors usually give away free bets, with some needing a small deposit. There are plenty of guides that show you how to make money with matched betting. But the point of the exercise is that it’s a method of betting that virtually wipes out any risk.

3. Get a short term loan

Sometimes in life you know that you will be receiving a sum of money but you cannot wait for it. In the meantime, you’ve got bills to pay. What can you do in those cases?

Short term loans can benefit people that find themselves in that predicament. You just borrow the amount you need and pay it back between 30 days to 6 months, depending on how long you need to pay the money back.

4. Set up some gigs on Fiverr

There is no denying that micro-entrepreneurism is on the rise. If you’re wondering what the hell that means, let me explain. As you know, most businesses and the self-employed sell products and services for a price.

Earn Through Fiverr

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Microentrepreneurs offer small and cheap services that are popular with others that want to get ad-hoc work done. Websites like Fiverr help buyers and sellers to connect with one another for such purposes. For example, you could offer a proofreading gig for $5.

5. Deal in scrap metal

It’s no secret that metals like steel and copper are valuable, in particular, the latter. If you’ve got a van, you could go around your neighborhood collecting people’s scrap metal.

Scrap Yard

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When you’ve got a van full of stuff, you can just take it to your local metal recycling center and get paid by the weight of those items. You’d be amazed at how much money you could make from one day of driving around and collecting scrap metal.

6. Rent your driveway space out

Do you live near a major railway station or town? Does it cost a fortune to pay for parking in your area? If the answer to both those questions is yes, here’s where you can cash in! Websites like Just Park let you rent out your unused driveway space.

By renting it out at a fair price, your driveway will always be making money for you. It’s by far one of the best ways to make a passive income. And the bonus? It always looks like someone’s at home, so you won’t have to worry about your home getting broken into when you’re not there!

7. Buy and sell cars in your spare time

If you’re a good salesman (or woman), and you know about cars, buying and selling them in your spare time is a fun way to make some extra cash.

Buy and Sell Cars

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I only recommend that you do this if you have a sound knowledge of cars, in particular, the mechanical side of things. You should stick with one make or model of vehicle so that you can make sure you don’t end up buying a lemon.

All you need to do is give the cars you buy a good clean, ensure they are roadworthy and sell them on for a profit!

8. Sell anything you don’t need

Websites like eBay are a great online marketplace to sell your unwanted stuff! Let’s face it; we all have lots of things hanging around our homes that we just don’t need (or want). You might not have a use for them, but other people might.

You could sell items like old mobile phones, video games, electronics, and even clothes. If it’s got a value attached to it, I can guarantee you that someone out there will want to buy what you’ve got.


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9. Become a tutor

Do you have expert knowledge on a particular subject? If so, why not share what you know with the world – for a price, of course!

We all know that our education system can often fail our children. If you’re patient and are a good teacher, you should consider devoting your spare time to being a tutor. Most teachers work from their homes, and they will also visit their clients at their homes.

10. Become a freelancer

Following on from the previous idea, you could always do some moonlighting as a freelancer. In a nutshell, you would work on a self-employed basis providing your services direct to many customers.

Just make sure that you declare all income you make to your local tax authorities.

Good luck!

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