3 Entry Level Jobs That Could Result In Big Money

There’s nothing worse than slaving away in a job where your boss and your industry don’t appreciate or support you. Do you feel like you’re always low on money despite always working? You might feel that you have an obligation to stick it out, but there’s no nobility in wasting away in a dead-end job. You owe it to yourself to turn your life and your career around. The key is finding a growth industry that’s young enough to offer entry level positions and offers the potential for growth and development that will result in a lucrative salary.

By starting at the ground floor in one of these growth industries, you’ll be well on your way to increased job satisfactions and improved finances.

Teach yourself to code and become an app developer 

The demand on the app industry is huge and it’s only going to get bigger. Apps are the new websites and in a marketplace where SMEs want to find new ways to keep ahead of the competition, apps are playing an increasingly large part in helping them grow and prosper. The app industry has grown exponentially since 2010 with a over 2 million apps on the market as of 2015. The app industry is also free of snobbery, with self-taught coders on equal footing to those who studied software engineering in college. You can even use a range of online resources to learn to code in your free time. 

Become a document coder and get into litigation support

The legal profession is changing. There was a time when legal professionals handled all of their documents on paper and relied on nothing more sophisticated than a filing cabinet and the encyclopaedic knowledge of their secretaries. Nowadays, it’s a little more complicated. As legal processes increasingly rely on automation for their processes, the volume of electronic data for most legal practices is becoming too much for legal staff to handle on their own.

To cope with the increase in scale and complexity of litigation as well as the inherent demands of handling literally millions of documents, legal professionals now entrust the processing and handling of electronic data to the emerging new profession of litigation support. If you know your way around technology and have an interest in the law then this could be the path to a new career. Just check out Naegeli USA’s website to see the diversity of this exciting multidisciplinary fields.  The sheer level of demand on litigation support for the legal industry can result in some very lucrative salaries when you work your way up the ladder as you work your way to litigation support analyst, project manager and finally litigation support manager.

Learn to be a realtor

Real estate is an industry that’s virtually recession proof. Regardless of house prices or fluctuations in the rental market, people will always need somewhere to live. Becoming a realtor is achievable in a matter of weeks and months and many agents will fund and support you in taking your realtor’s exam if they like your moxie. So long as you have a way with people and can conduct yourself professionally and persuasively then it’s easy to get in on the ground floor and the sky’s the limit with the possibility of big money when you’ve passed your realtor’s exam.

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