4 Excel Tips To Help You Become A Pro

Most people are not able to use MS Excel to its full potential. Surely, this innovative application has helped many students, executives, entrepreneurs, etc., achieve their targets proficiently. However, it is possible that they have been using this software the wrong way or the long way. This post will highlight some tips to become more proficient while using MS Excel. Therefore, you should read further if you want to learn some tips and trick that, you might not be aware about before. To get the best use out of your application, it is recommended that you update your program to the latest version and then use the following tips.

  • Enter same data into multiple cells

On some spreadsheets, it becomes necessary that you need to enter the same data repeatedly. Most of the instance tempt users to copy paste the data repeatedly. However, this is quite a time consuming technique. Instead, you can follow this method:

  1. Select the cells that needs to carry the same data
  2. In the last selected cell, enter the data that rest of the cells should have.
  3. Now press “ctrl + enter” the job is done, now you will have the required data on the desired cells
  • Displaying formulas behind the cells

There may be instances where one tends to look into or continue to work in the spreadsheets created by somebody else. In addition, it is quite common that you may seem too lost over the calculations and connections between the cells. In such circumstances, you can use the “show formula” options under the formula tab. This will tell you, which cells, are being referred to, thus arriving at a conclusion.

  • Freeze rows and columns

It’s quite a common scenario that while dealing with a larger worksheets that has numerous column labels or row labels, while scrolling downwards or sideways the labels will disappear hence you lose the track over the data and lost the grit over how those were arranged. To solve this, you have a “freeze” option under view tab, which lets a user freeze a particular row or column or both as per your convenience. Here is some information that you would like to know about Excel Column Width In Inches.

  • Enter data patterns

One of the perceptive features that excel possess is pattern recognition. It can recognize most of the pattern that one uses in his/her daily routine of excel, such as billing numbers, date etc., the procedure to execute this is as follows

  1. Enter the values in two cells and select the cells (now you will find the small square in bottom right corner)
  2. Place the cursor over the small square,
  3. Click and drag until the desired cells where the patterns need to be repeated is reached.

Knowing these tips can help you get better at using this smart application. Which of these features explained a live found relevance to your daily workouts? Share your comments to suggest more tips and tricks.

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