7 Simple Ways To Reduce Sickness At Work

Sickness at work can be incredibly frustrating. Whether it is legitimate or not, the simple fact is that you are paying for somebody to be absent. The costs, unsurprisingly, can have serious implications for your bottom line. The good news is that there are a few simple things you can do if you want to cut your sickness levels at work. Let’s take a look at them now.

Be More Flexible 

Your employees may be taking time off work to care for others. Perhaps they have child care issues or have to look after a poorly relative. If you can be more flexible, you can offer them the opportunity to catch up on the hours missed over the next few weeks. Sickness is one of the major costs of running a business, but replacing the time they have missed is one of the great ways to reduce costs.

Be More Aware

Keep tabs on your workforce. If there are problems with staff relationships, then the quicker you sort them out, the better it will be for you. Bullying in the workplace or tension between a couple of colleagues could lead to absenteeism.

Reward Your Staff

Think about rewarding your staff if they manage to work for a whole financial year without taking a sick day. Monetary motivation can be a strong factor in encouraging people to come in, even if they are feeling under the weather.

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Use Occupational Health 

Occupational Health services such as Health Assured can help your company get to grips with things if you have a lot of staff going absent. They will focus on each employee to help them through troubled times or ill health. Using an occupational health service could help you put people in the right places and help them back to work quicker.

Offer Exercise Times 

You could arrange a time during the week for your staff to have an exercise session. Your workers may not have the time in their personal lives to be able to exercise at home. Perhaps they have very young children or are committed to caring for a relative. Giving them an hour or so each week could have a great benefit on their performance.

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Have ‘Fitness Days.’

Consider including fitness days into your employee contracts. These are just days off when the employee can do something health related, instead of coming into work. This could be going for a check up at the doctors or spending a day training. It can be anything that allows them some time to address any potential issues. Prevention is far more effective, and it will be far cheaper for you to deal with than long-term sickness.

Treat Your Sick Staff With Respect 

Illness happens. It will happen to you, too, at some point. The trick is to treat those with genuine sickness with respect and to watch out for those that abuse the system. These people are game-players, and your experiences with them should not affect those that are having real problems. There are typical patterns of behaviour from these types, and it is easy enough to spot them. They might regularly take a day off either side of the weekend or call in sick when their workload increases. Keeping good records will help you see those patterns.

Do you have any more tips for solving sickness problems? Let us know in the comments section below!

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