Five Quick Tips To Raise Some Cash Outside Work

We’ve all had these kinds of issues. You need to free up some money and your current budget doesn’t look like it’s going to do much good. It’s a sad situation, but it doesn’t have to be one of desperation. With the right tips and ideas on giving you that bit extra you need, you can find that saving up that bit more you need can be relatively painless. We’ve compiled this list of tips for those who need a bit more cash. Some methods are tried and true whilst others are newer but have already proven effective. Just follow the guide and you’ll find yourself much abler to produce the cash you need and quickly.

1)    Save smart: This first one isn’t exactly new or mind-blowing, but being smart on how we spend our money can lead to huge savings. There are lots of new, clever ways of reducing the amount of money you spend. The Save $1000 in A Week challenge, in particular, is full of easy, quick ways to look at your finances and save more of that much needed money.

2)    Get paid for surveys: If you’re able to donate a bit more of your free time, there are plenty of services on the net looking for working hands. Swagbucks has been active for five years now and grown tremendously. By filling surveys and answering question forms provided by Swagbucks, you can earn a little extra. A lot of the payment takes the form of gift cards and vouchers, but there are monetary rewards as well. Even the gift cards and vouchers will help you spend less of your money than before, freeing it up for whatever you need.

3)    Bets You Literally Can’t Lose: This is something of a new practice in the betting world. It might sound counter-intuitive but there is a form of betting that’s completely free at worst and can net you a tidy profit at best. Matched Betting is neither illegal nor even frowned upon by most betting establishments. By using free bet offers from bookmakers, you can set up opposing bets in a way that ensure you lose no money. Whether a team wins or loses, for example, you will at least get your money back. The system takes a bit of learning, but this guide teaches everything you need to know.

Sell Gold Jewelry

4)    Sell your forgotten gold:  If you’re in need of quick cash, the likelihood is that you’re sitting on top of some. There are all kinds of items in the home that use gold, malleable as it is. From old dentals such as dentures to long-forgotten medals. It’s always a good idea to have a rummage for anything that might contain the precious metal. Use licensed Cash For Gold dealers instead of pawn shops or mail-in companies for the best deal possible.

5)     Loans: For consolidating existing debt or making the best of choices when it comes to a loan, Financial Ages is here to help. Our Loans & Debt section has all the best, new advice. This is a step many can afraid to take, but our advice tells you the safest ways to take loans without getting in over your head.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you. By saving smart, using your free time and forgotten sources of income around you, you can raise the cash you need without too much heartache.

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