Low Stress Jobs That Still Pay Out

It seems to be an unspoken rule in the world of work that doing some heavy lifting or hard labour means you have to be stressed about it. However, that’s not entirely the truth. Of course, some work is going to be taxing both mentally and physically, but not every job is going to be. Even if you’re at a low stress job, don’t feel guilty about people who seem to be up to their eyeballs in it. So if you’re looking for a new job, or want to go into the world of employment without suffering over it, here’s a few ideas for jobs that have a heavy workload that won’t bog you down at the same time.

Try Museums or Art Galleries

Becoming an Art Director or a Museum Curator has a lot of prestige about it, and it often doesn’t require a degree or masters in what you’re doing, just work experience. Indeed, you could even work your way up to that position from a tour guide or just working in an office.

Being responsible for what’s on show can have a lot of responsibility in it, but it doesn’t mean it’s stressful. If you love culture and history, you’ll love to take on every challenge that comes your way, and you’re more likely to know what people want to see when they come along.

Don’t let yourself think that a position like this is out of your league, as anyone can try out on an application. If you think you have experience in organising events and have some technical experience in setting up an exhibition, go for it!

Become a Cleaner

Cleaning is good for the soul, as well as the area around you! Follow in this vein by trying your hand at becoming a professional cleaner, as this can open up a lot of doors for your future: a technical skill that shows you’ve done some hard grafting, and there’s plenty of it to go around.

You can often find entry level jobs in a cleaning company as well. Find a local contract cleaning company, there might be more than one due to the amount of work that is created for them, and sign up! Read up on their terms for interview or application, and write about all the cleaning you’ve had to do in your life if you need to.

Try the Jewellery Sector

Becoming a jeweler means you’re surrounded by a lot of fine pieces day in and out, and often you’re the person people come to for valuations, pawning, and getting their own pieces spruced up. That means there’s a lot of demand for you; it was even rated one of the least stressful jobs out there this year!

There’s a lot to look into when it comes to finding a new job, or even just trying to pave your way into a pleasant work experience. It isn’t great that we even have to consider these things when it comes to employment.

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