Self-Employed? Make Sure You Get Paid On Time, Every Time

There are a whole host of benefits to being self-employed. Being able to set your own hours, work at your own pace, and choose your own clients are just some of them. For more and more people around the world, the dream of working for yourself is becoming a reality. Thanks to the rise of the internet, it’s never been easier to market yourself or your business. That makes finding consistent work a breeze. For more of our guides on business, see

There are, however, some rather significant downsides to being your own boss. For starters, it’s very easy to fall into some bad habits. These same habits can cost you a lot of money and wasted time. Indeed, for as many people are willing to pay for your efforts, there are just as many that will flee at the sight of an incoming invoice.

That can make things get a little tight when the time comes to pay your bills. But why should you have to struggle to get by when you’re perfectly entitled to the money you’re owed? Well, you don’t have to struggle any longer. Here are just a few way that self-employed contractors can protect their payment plans.

Get Everything in Writing

Contracts are there for a reason. You can only get so far on goodwill alone. Although all business relationships should be built on trust and mutual respect, it isn’t always that simple. You can bet that you’ll find just as many clients that are difficult to work with. The way to counteract this is to clearly outline each job and your expectations. That way, there is no margin for disputes. Here are some articles you should never ignore:

Income Protection Insurance

As you might expect, there are insurance plans of this ilk born out of necessity. People working more conventional jobs have the law on their side. They’re under contract with their employers and will be paid for the hours that they have worked. There is nothing to worry about. For the self-employed, though, things can get a little sketchy. Even with contracts drawn up, there may still be clients that will chance their arm at a free lunch. That’s where insurance providers like come in. You’ll be guaranteed a payday, even in the event of you suffering an injury or illness that impedes your working schedule.

Use Freelancing Websites

The rise of the freelancer is quite a success story. With so many people now dictating their own working schedule, there are a host of sources to find work. One of them being websites like, who make it easier than ever to find paying clients. On top of that, though, they often act as middlemen during disputes. That means that you’re often protected for the work you do. You can even document your time using an hourly work tracker, which means you’ll never have to justify your bill.

Remember, on top of all that, you’ll have to keep on top of your own bookkeeping. And as I’m sure you’re well aware, there is nothing duller than keeping track of your accounts. You can make your life easier with a tool such as Quickbooks from

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