Top Tips For Making Money On The Side

Earning extra money: it is one of the hardest things to do in life, and it is one of the most necessary. Making a bit of extra cash on the side is essential because you can never have enough. There are always bills to pay, food to buy and the ‘odd’ tenner that your kids want to borrow for a night out. But, how do you do it? How do you find a way of raking in the money? To keep you in the black, here are a couple of ways that might be helpful.

Tip One: Sell Unwanted DVDs and CDs

Everyone has them lying around the house. So, instead of letting them sit there and accrue dust, sell them for a profit. Okay, they won’t make you a millionaire, but every little helps so don’t discount them all at once. Get online and advertise them on eBay or take them to a local collector who might be willing to pay a bit more.

Tip Two: Rent Your Garage

Your garage can be a money maker if you live in the right area. Take London for example. Space is in demand, but there is very little supply, which makes it incredibly sought after. So, if you don’t drive or don’t use the space, rent it out to someone who needs it more. You can even set the price and wait for some desperate car owners. Register with sites like Just Park and put in your details to spread the word.

Tip Three: Play The Lottery

The lottery is a gamble, but it is a gamble that pays off big if you win. It doesn’t cost much, and the returns are remarkable. All you need is one lucky day and your whole life will turn for the better, with all the money you could ever have dreamt. It doesn’t cost much, only a pound or two, so roll the dice and hope for the best!

Tip Four: Take Part In Clinical Trials

They are a lot safer than you might think. Yes, there is a chance that something could go wrong. But, the drugs you try are put through rigorous tests before they get to human trials. Plus, the danger makes them more lucrative. Some clinical trials can earn you up to four thousand pounds, so they are almost too good to turn down if you need the cash.

Tip Five: Review Products

It isn’t as dangerous or as mysterious as a clinical trial, but it is still a solid technique. Companies like Ciao will pay you about three pounds per review, and that sort of cash can start to build up. All you need is a bit of spare time during the week or at the weekend, and you have a fantastic supplementary source of income.

Tip Six: Hoard

Tin cans and bottles can be traded in for cash if you collect enough of them, but the real money is in ink cartridges. Some people will pay £4.50 per cartridge, so twenty of them a week will add an extra £360 to your bank balance.

Supplementary cash can be essential in some scenarios, so it is always nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve before a bad situation arises.

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