What to Do If You Crash Your Vehicle

It’s not a situation any driver wants to be in, but vehicle crashes do happen. It could be a minor fender bender or a serious accident with injuries involved. It’s very important for all drivers to be aware of what to do in case a car crash occurs. Here is a brief guide about how to handle the aftermath in case the unthinkable happens:

Don’t Panic and Move to a Safe Area

First of all, you should mentally calm yourself down. Don’t panic in a situation if you are the driver when the vehicle crashes. If you are not injured, then that’s great. But in any case, it’s highly recommended to move to a safe area. Do not abandon the crash site. Get out of the vehicle and just move away from the debris and possibility of danger. Once you know you are safe, you should immediately call an emergency number or the police. If no one is injured, this might not be necessary. But you would need to make a call to your insurance company or an attorney.

Call an Attorney

Regardless of any injuries, you should call your attorney if you get into a crash. The other driver may decide to sue you. If there’s property damage, you could become liable. If the police is involved, you would need attorney representation to protect your rights. Do not try to handle the situation on your own. Don’t hesitate to call an attorney in this situation. It’s best to find a properly solicitor in advance in case you do get into a fender bender. Do a local search for well-known car accident lawyers Sydney that you can rely on. When you call in the pros, they can take it from there and free you from the stress.

Take Notes

For insurance purposes, do take notes of the crash site when you are there. Write down license plate numbers of other involved vehicles. Take photos if allowed. Do note down the damage that has occurred to your vehicle. And if there are any witnesses, write down their names and contact information. If the crash is not your fault, these witnesses will be able to corroborate your story in absence of any video evidence. You can use these notes in your defence, if required, or file for insurance claims.

The other driver may ask your information as well. In this case, only provide the necessary information, such as your name, insurance policy number and agent’s contact information, and the model of your car. Do not provide your personal information to protect your identity. And above all, do not admit fault at the scene. Let the police and the attorneys do their work first.

Get Copies

If police are involved, you should document the officers who are surveying the scene. If they are not too busy, politely ask for contact information in case you need it. Once the police file their reports, you will have to go in and get copies of everything for legal and insurance purposes. If police is not involved, other parties might file in an accident report. If so, hunt down copies of that.

In addition to your attorney, if you are in a crash, do follow the instructions of your insurance agent as well. The procedure will protect your insurance claims and also guard you against any legal proceedings in the future.

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