Why You Should Keep Health And Safety Your Top Priority

Many business owners main worry is making a bigger profit or how to expand their business further. While these are valid concerns, they have one factor in common. Money. Putting these issues at the top of their list, owners forget other things that they need to take into consideration such as health and safety. Or, they simply do not spend as much time on it as they should. But this is a mistake because if health and safety are not properly dealt with, your company will lose money. Here are just some of the ways why this can occur.

Law Suits

If you are a business owner, who has not heard of premises liability, then it is time to learn. This is the main reason you should keep health and safety levels high. If someone is injured on your premises, by law, you are accountable. You may think that if you rent your premises you are safe. But actually, landlords commonly ensure by way of a contract that it is the tenant who is responsible for safety levels.

If you have ever been home in the middle of the day, you will see countless adverts with lawyers speaking to the camera. They tell the viewer they can help them if they have been injured at work. These are the type of people who you will be up against, and it will cost your business a fortune, as well as damaging the reputation.

To stop this occurring, you should regularly check your business property for any issues or hazards. This could be a flickering light in a dark stairwell or loose wires on the floor. You should deal with these issues as soon as they are noticed and encourage your employees to do the same or, at the very least alert someone.


Building maintenance is vital for keeping you and your employees safe. Consider the event of a fire. They happen in offices more often than you would like to think. If your premises suffers as fire your employees will be at risk but so will your business. A fire can halt business for months while repairs are completed. This is why it is important to ensure your safety equipment is working, and you should regularly impose maintenance checks such as dry pipe inspections. Ensure that your safety procedures are working properly, and you can prevent your business from losing any money in the event of a disaster.


We are you realise that how much money your company will make depends on efficiency, but did you know efficiency is also related to health and safety? If your employees do a lot of typing at work, they may be at risk of RSI. RSI or repetitive strain injury refers to pain in the upper limbs, caused by doing something repeatedly without breaks for a long period of time. If your employees develop RSI, they will find typing fast increasingly difficult, and this will stop them being able to work at a stay pace.

To prevent this, make sure that your employees are sitting upright with their backs straight. You may also want to consider providing desk arm supports as well as allowing them to have five-minute breaks through the day.

Now you realise how important safety is for your business financially, we are sure you will always keep it a top priority.

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