5 top frugality tips to help you make life more affordable

Due to financial crisis frugality has come into fashion these days. Saving tips can help you to stay on budget or save money for the things or events you wish to be able to afford.

1. Plan your shopping

If you could calculate the cost of all the stuff you bought unplanned while shopping during the last year, you’d be amazed. You see, marketing has been developed for this very purpose: make you buy more. So, if you do not plan your shopping, you risk overspending. One of the great, common and still very useful frugality tips is putting together a shopping list.

Once you get it down, go through it one more time and cross out the extras. Now you are ready to shop. Go to the store and buy only the things listed there. Be disciplined and follow your list to the letter.

2. Plan your shopping

Here is another great frugality tip. The more frequent you go shopping the more stuff you buy and the higher is the risk of going over your budget. So, do some planning at least for one week. It’s helpful to plan your meals, too. For one, this frugality tip saves you time, as you do not have to decide every day. Plus, it enables you to put together a smart shopping list.

If you know all your meals for the week, you can make just one shopping expedition. Again this saves you time and gasoline, too. Plus, you reduce the risks and temptation of buying fluff.

3. Become a couponer

Some extreme couponers out there save up to 90 percent of money, while shopping. This means they get tons of stuff for free. It’s a good frugality tip and it allows you stay on budget and to save for the things you really want.

Now, couponing means you have to get well organized. Generally, frugality does require high level of discipline and self-organization. Get a special folder for the coupons. See, how you can easily organize them.

Where do you get coupons? Your Sunday paper is the first choice. Then you may go online and find tons of printable coupons out there. You may join a coupon exchange club at your local church or community. You may find coupons right in the stores. Some stores set up baskets or boxes, where people put coupons they have no use for.

4. Look for sales and special offers

Most stores set up sales of certain products at least once in three or four weeks. If you have a particular fancy for some products, you may shop big time during the sale time. Get stocked up with these products to last you till the next sale.

5. Look for small packaging

Some people believe they save buying products in large packages. That may prove to be wrong. There are tons of various products in small one time use packages, which can be gotten for the trifle of their price. For instance, you find three 1 dollar coupons on dish washing soap. You may use up just one coupon on a large bottle of it. But you may use all three coupons getting three small packages of the product. This way, you can get them for free or you pay just few more cents on the purchase.

Hopefully, these practical frugality tips would help you to stay on budget and save to make your dreams come true and make living more affordable.

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