2016 With In The Right Frame Of Mind

New Year’s resolutions aren’t only for your waist line and to quit smoking. They are also great for getting your business focused and ready to take on new challenges. January is sunny and warm and everyone is riding the wave of positivity from the holiday season. This is the perfect time to refocus your employees and devise a strategy to make the coming year a productive one.

Set goals

Your resolutions should be meaningful and attainable, with a clear path to success. Don’t simply aim to “increase conversion”, instead aim for a specific growth figure. This isn’t about unchecked ambition, it is about revitalising and giving your team and company something realistic to aim for. Use your previous year’s results as a guide and get your employees excited about reaching the finish line.

Small steps to success

Challenging goals are great, but to prevent people being intimidated about achieving them each target should have mini achievements that make up the larger whole. Your plan may be to add an online credit card payment system to your website to enable customers to buy online. This will require several other elements to be completed before it can be launched. Break up the large goal into the smaller parts and it will be easier to track and adjust when necessary.

Get everyone involved

There is a temptation at management level to simply make rules and decisions and then enforce them. This can lead to the opposite of what you want to achieve and may alienate employees who feel undervalued. Involve your staff in the revitalisation process and canvas their opinions. They will have their own goals and ambitions for their roles and where they want to go. Getting this level of buy-in from your team will lead to a motivated workforce that has the company’s best interests at heart.

Acknowledge your achievements

Ambitious people have a tendency to bemoan what they haven’t achieved, rather than celebrate what they have. A great way to keep team and yourself motivated is to set periodic reward days every month or six weeks. This can be anything from a meal, to an excursion, or simply an afternoon tea. Praise is a far better motivator than criticism and will yield better results for a relatively small cost.

Be accountable

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you are responsible for the success of your business. You need to motivate your employees to all pull in the same direction and understand that when they don’t, it is due to a failure in the system. A single individual employee may be unmotivated or disinterested, but if this occurs across entire departments then there is a bigger problem at hand. If you fail to reach your first milestone, reassess your methods and make the necessary changes. It is far easier to adjust the plan in the first couple of months than try to play catch up in October. Use any failure as a chance to refine the plan.

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