5 Companies That Set The Standard In HR Innovation

Many companies today are stuck in the mud when it comes to HR. No matter how hard they try, failings continue to buffet the company. And staff remain unhappy with the quality of service they receive. There’s a reason for this: HR is hard to get right. There is so much administration that goes into it that it becomes almost impossible.

However, there are a bunch of enterprising companies that are getting it right. Here we’re going to investigate some of their secrets. What are they doing right? And how can your company follow their lead? Let’s take a look.


AMX is a company that you might not have heard of. It develops technologies that are designed to simplify the lives of people. But we’re not interested in its core products. We’re interested in what it gets right.

AMX’s success in human resources stems from the fact that it is a conscientious employer. It employs a strict code of hiring and firing. And that means that employee relations at the company are among the best in the US, if not the world. AMX knows that losing staff is very costly to the enterprise. And so it does all it can to make sure that employees don’t feel used and abused. Besides its hiring practices, AMX offers staff open space working and regular training. And when it comes to layoffs, its HR department organises generous severance packages.


Henry Ford was the man who gave us the concept of a production line. He realized that workers could get much more done together if they all focused on a single task. To compensate workers for the boredom, he upped their pay way above the industry average. This was the beginning of the company’s pro-worker legacy. His beliefs have become a core mantra of the company and its HR department. The company today is known for its positive employee culture and training. And it’s also a leader in worker well-being and health programs.


Like so many other tech companies, LinkedIn is a great place to work. These companies are at the forefront of economic opportunity right now. And so they tend to attract the brightest and the best. This, in turn, creates a great atmosphere within both the companies and their HR departments.

LinkedIn’s HR department uses HR software to aid employment matching. And it’s also innovating in other ways too. For instance, it backs up its motto of work hard, play hard, by organizing big parties.

LinkedIn also follows a trend in other parts of the tech industry towards employees making their own work. Each week, employees get their own time to develop new systems designed to break the status quo. And this has led to a whole host of other innovations in the company.


John Cadbury founded the Cadbury confectionery company back in 1824. It sold drinking chocolate, tea, and coffee. Cadbury has always been a firm that has been interested in the wellbeing of its workers. And it was with Rowntree that the Cadburys began their philanthropic work.

This culture has been passed down through the company over the generations. And now Cadbury has one of the best-known HR departments in the world. Cadbury makes a point of putting its people first. And that means making sure that they are properly housed and in a safe environment. Right at the centre of the Cadbury culture is the idea that life and work should be balanced.


When Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up Google, they could hardly have imagined the success they would have. But it’s not just their products that are great. It’s the HR too. Google is consistently ranked in the top tier of places to work. And it’s driven by many factors. For starters, the company values its employees. This comes right from the top. Page and Brin know that without great people, Google would be nothing. It’s a company based on the unique intellect of every individual who works there.

But there’s also the fact that the HR department puts on quite a show for its employees. Employees are treated to over 100,000 hours of massage each year. And they get access to all sorts of facilities not available at most companies. Staff can go to the indoor hockey rinks for some sport. Or they can travel across the campus to the horseshoe pits.

It’s thanks to these HR efforts that Google is a real leader in the HR space. There’s no doubt that this is a company that knows how to attract the best talent.

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