5 Proven Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Marketing is, of course, essential for any viable business. If people don’t know you exist, they just aren’t going to buy anything from you. That said, there are some ideas in these modern times that a lot of people invest in, but get very little back in return. So, there’s a fine line to tread, and any business owner looking for results needs to have proven strategies to achieve their goals. Here are five of them to get you started.

Reward your customers

It costs you a lot of money to market to new clients – far more than it does to those that already buy your products. So, think about ways you can offer those loyal customers a better deal. If it costs you less to get their attention, why not charge them less? You could offer them regular discounts, for example, or set up a reward or loyalty scheme. You could even try providing a specialist service – a lot of people love the idea of betting preferential, VIP treatment.

Network more

If you are sitting at home wondering why your business isn’t taking off, why not get out more? Face-to-face networking is far stronger than anything you can do online. You get the opportunity to meet new people, and you might strike gold with a new client. Not only that, but you will meet others whose businesses might compliment yours. So, there is potential for teaming up and offering a souped-up proposition, too.

Offline ads

The online advertising world is awash with fraud and utter wastes of money. So, as a new business, it’s not something you can afford to look at without a good deal of knowledge behind you. Instead, look to the offline world for your advertising. Find out where the billboards are in your locale, and see if you can get outdoor advertising up. Target areas that you know people who like your product congregate. Take some ads out in the local paper – they still work, of your business proposition is suitable for the readership.

Use social media wisely

Not all social media channels will be relevant to your business. And, if you are finding success on one channel, concentrate on that one rather than investing in all of them. For example, if you are a visual arts type business, you might get more of a reaction on Instagram or Pinterest rather than Linkedin or Twitter. There’s no point throwing money at a platform that isn’t working – use your budget to strengthen where it’s working.

Mirror your competitor’s success

This might be a bit controversial, but your competitors are doing well because they are good at marketing. So, it makes sense to look at what they do, emulate it, and then try and improve it. We’re not saying you need to be a copycat, but you should be looking at the tactics and techniques they use.

OK, so there you have it. Five proven marketing strategies that can get more of a spotlight on your business products and services. Let us know how you get on!

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