A Construction Business in Bloom: Safeguard Your Workers to Make More Money

When you want to keep prospering and get the kind of projects that bring in the big bucks, you have to, first of all, look after your employees. Happy construction workers mean more than just a job well done; it means fewer who calls in sick, as well as reducing the risk of losing your most skilled workers to competitors.

The ones you rely on the most and who possesses the right kind of skills and knowledge are in high demand, and if you don’t show them that you care, it’s easy for them to find an employer who will.

Use these handy tips on how to create a safe environment to work in, giving your valuable employees the treatment they deserve and keep hungry competitors at bay.

Everybody wants a good construction worker

The old-schoolers are retiring already, and they’ve seen enough construction sites for a lifetime, so you’d want to target the younger group. Unfortunately, youth is ushered away from manual labor jobs and into universities instead; when you’re the lucky manager of skilled laborers, you ought to keep them as happy as possible before anyone else snatches them away from you with higher wages and a safer work environment. 

#1 Think safety first

A skilled and loyal employee wouldn’t settle for a construction site that doesn’t offer the right kind of safety measures. This goes beyond simply following rules and regulations, though, as we expect you to do in any way.

Preach safety regulations that everyone has to adhere to, provide them with regular safety training, and hand out pamphlets on ergonomic principles that will keep their bodies active and healthy for longer. Falls are one of the most common work-related injuries, and you can do more to secure their safety than just putting up barriers; consider an industrial swing gate that locks automatically to boost their sense of security once and for all.

A construction site that focuses on safety is doing more than avoiding a potentially disastrous accident, as your employees will notice and appreciate that the management considers their safety to be their number one priority. That way, they’ll be better off working for you than any of your competitors.

#2 Money talks

When skilled laborers are in high demand, they know that if their current job doesn’t offer a decent wage and other benefits, someone else most certainly will.

It’s a good idea to have a look at the kind of benefits your competitors offer and try to beat them by far; health insurance, high wages, and retirement plans are words that speak to the heart of any valued employee.

#3 Ask for feedback

It’s not common for a business owner to be present on the site at all times – at least not as much as their workers. They know this very well and will develop a much better relationship with the management if they feel that their opinions matter and are taken seriously. While this is true for most businesses, it’s especially relevant for your construction business; hold meeting where you ask them for feedback, discuss current issues and implement the changes that can improve their work days.

It’s one of the most important things you can do to keep your loyal employees working for you and not for another construction company. Recognize that they are the ones with the most knowledge and on the front line, value their opinions, and use this to find ways for a more efficient job process as well as improving the communication between your employees and the management.

#4 Give them the tools to succeed

The tools you need to give them are of course actual tools, and not another figure of speech. Construction workers are only as good as their equipment and you need to maintain them regularly to make sure everything is up to date. Use the feedback meetings above to find out if your workers consider any of them to be outdated and stress that broken or old tools should be repaired or replaced immediately – for the workers’ safety as well as the quality of the job.

Another way to give them the right set of tools is to make use of technology to streamline your projects. Forget about the old spreadsheet; here is an article with the best technology a modern construction site in 2017 should make use of for easier days at work.

Continue to value your skilled workers, and they’ll stay loyal to you for many years to come.

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