Cheap Marketing Tools That Any Business Can Use

Marketing is essential, yet it is also very expensive. Although you have to market to see results, you may not have the cash to do it effectively. Because you can’t afford not to advertise your brand to the public, you have to find an alternative. Fortunately, there are several alternatives that you can use that don’t cost a fortune. In fact, they are very cheap. And, don’t worry because they also work very well even in today’s modern age. Here are the cheap marketing tools that any business can use.

Business Cards

Business cards have been around for decades. From the 60s and 70s all the way up to the turn of the twenty-first century, they were the undisputed kings. For years, you couldn’t talk to a businessperson or a sales rep without them handing you a little piece of laminated card. Nowadays, they are slowly disappearing. Still, that doesn’t mean that they are dead, nor does it mean that they are obsolete. They are still effective because they are a constant reminder of your brand. And, they can circulate from one person to another. Plus, you can get a couple of hundred for less than $15.


A lanyard is the piece of material that you put around your neck that clips to your badge. To be honest, you can clip anything you want to it, which is one reason it is effective. It is also effective because you can personalize it, and you can project it at eye level. All of these traits mean that a lanyard is a great way to promote your brand. Plus, it is also impossible to ignore because it is always in the customer’s eye line. If you visit, you can invest in a bunch at a reasonable price. Just make sure you get them personalized because that is essential.


Okay, SEO is relatively new and is still very current. Indeed, it is the main tool most businesses use to market their brand. Due to its importance, it is well worth mentioning even if it is only a decade old. By working your way up Google’s rankings, you will increase traffic to your site. Traffic is the amount of people that visit your site, and it is vital to your marketing strategy. It is vital because the more people that visit, the more that know your brand exists. It also doesn’t cost a penny if you follow these tips from


Before technology became the champion of marketing, people used to network to get ahead. And, guess what – it is still a relevant today. The great thing about networking is that people can put a name to the face. And, that makes them more likely to use your business. Plus, you can use your personality to good effect. Numerous clients have been persuaded into a deal by a sweet-talking business rep. So, don’t rule it out straight away. Remember that business is also about who you know as opposed to what you know.

Marketing doesn’t have to break the bank.

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