Company Culture Is The Secret No One Told You About

The fact you are reading this blog is serious grand news. You understand the importance of establishing a company culture so amazing that Google will be calling you for some pointers. However, there is one issue, one that you are clearly aware of, and that is the fact your desire is not enough. You need to know what steps you can take to improve the culture in your company.

Well, before you hyperventilate, you have our permission to take a deep breath because we have pulled together a list of tips to help you succeed in your mission.

A Tribe Called Transparency

This isn’t just something modern employees expect and want, having a transparent company culture is going to boost your entire business, from reputation to productivity. That is why this should be your first port of call. That means being transparent about what you do well. It means being honest with your employees. It means using HR management software that will ensure all your processes are fair and transparent. It means using communication and collaboration tools that will floor the barriers between people, making it easier to work with one another and sharing crucial information. Do this and you will find people enjoy working for you more than they ever did.

It’s Time To Recognize

The importance of this goes beyond employee happiness and morale, it has a direct affect on your bottom line. That is because those companies that have a recognition-rich culture and a positive rewards system have more than thirty percent lower employee turnover rates. That is good why? Simple: because high employee turnover costs a lot of money. That is why you need to start keeping an eye out for employee behaviours and results that match up with your company goals and targets and reward them. It will keep them motivated and motivate those around them. It will improve the culture they work in because every single employee wants to be recognised for their work.

Employees All Want Autonomy

The idea of going to work and being micromanaged is enough to make your employees puke each and every Monday morning. That is because they loathe it, and so should you. It is inefficient, ineffective and says to those who work for you that you don’t trust them. By all means prove us wrong if you can, but we don’t know anyone that gets motivated by a lack of trust. So, right now, start giving your employees more autonomy. Let them make their own choices on how to deliver, let them choose when they want to work from home, let them make decisions, and be them. Trust us, they will hold themselves accountable and that will boost their effort and morale.

Focus On Flexibility

We touched on it a minute ago but it really deserves its own section. That is because giving your employees more flexibility tends to have a positive effect on happiness, profit and productivity. How you offer this flexibility is totally up to you. It could be flexible working hours, flexible dress sense, remote working, anything. This will let them feel more in control of their own lives and that is a great culture to be a part of.

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