Essential Investments To Increase Your Properties Safety

Congratulations. You have purchased a new property and invested your money wisely. Real estate is a great place to spend your cash because the chances are you will make a profit in the future. Still, your investing is not over, not by a long shot. Before you can move someone in and start reaping the rewards, the property needs to meet certain safety criteria. Without a high level of safety, no one will want to rent or buy your new property from you, and that makes your investment a bad investment.

Burglar Alarm

Alarms are incredibly popular because they are effective. However, there are certain mistakes homeowners make that negate the effect of a burglar alarm. For example, don’t install an alarm and then tell people what kind of alarm has been installed. A lot of property owners put up stickers that are meant to act as a warning. In reality, they just make it easier for burglars to disengage your security system.


CCTV is expensive. There is no getting around that fact. Still, they are the most effective form of security any building or property can install. An overwhelming number of ex-cons will tell you that two or more CCTV cameras are enough to scare away thieves. Cameras are that advanced that one false move could identify a burglar and have them prosecuted. The majority of thieves are opportunists, and they won’t take any unnecessary risks. Considering you have spent thousands on a property, a couple of hundred on a CCTV system isn’t much of an investment.


A gardener is essential for safety when it comes to properties. Seriously, they make all the difference in certain circumstances. A lot of properties like to make the exterior of their home look pretty. In doing so, they make it an easy target for thieves. Big trees and plants are the perfect covers for burglars as they allow them to take cover when they try to break into your house. They can even take their time, safe in the knowledge they cannot be seen. A professional gardener will trim back the trees and hedges and make your property safer from attack as a result.


Some properties are ready to go as soon as you get the keys, and others need renovating. Whatever stage your property is in, it will always need an electrician to check over the appliances and wiring. Just because there doesn’t seem to be a problem doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. All you need is an earth fault loop impedance test, and you will find out in minutes whether the property is properly wired. Plus, having a professional cast an eye over the house is always a good idea, regardless of the cost.


As buildings get older, they start to age and can fall apart. They are just like humans in that sense! Problems can range from subsidence to rot and mould, all of which can have a massive effect on the property’s safety. An architect will be able to spot any signs of decay and help you fix it before it becomes an issue.

Safety is, and always will be, the main investment you can make as a property owner.

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