Finding the Right Professionals to Help Your Business Flourish

As a business owner, your key concern is ensuring that your company comes across as professional and competent. This ensures that customers feel comfortable investing their time and cash in your services. The best way to present yourself as a serious force within the marketplace? Hiring the right staff. Your staff are the backbone of your company. They are the individuals who engage with the public. They are essentially the face of your brand. So you have to be extremely careful and thorough when choosing who to hire. Different personalities tend to prosper in different fields. So, to help you out, here are a few different positions and the best types of people to fill them.


You need to ensure that all of your staff are paid properly and on time. However, you may fall behind on this or forget to carry out payroll yourself around all of your other tasks and responsibilities. This is why you need to take on a professional in payroll. There are plenty of people qualified to do this job, so it can often be difficult to decide who would be best within your company. These individuals most often operate back of house in a business, so their strengths should lie in their capabilities rather than being focused on their personality. Consider using Payroll recruitment from Portfolio Payroll to save yourself the time and effort of sourcing a payroll professional yourself. After all, lack of time is probably what’s causing you to seek one out in the first place.


A receptionist is often the first port of call for potential customers. It is the individual who greets them as they enter your commercial property, or the person who answers their call and gives them the necessary information or further contacts that they may require. First impressions count! So, you need to be extremely picky with who you employ, or business could turn away at the first hurdle. Effective receptionists are highly organised and have a great capacity for memorising information. They will need to be capable of remembering to pass on messages, supplyin members of the public with any information pertaining to your brand and booking appointments or meetings while allowing you enough time to get from one place to another on time. They also require communication skills, both verbal and written, as they will be speaking to people in person, on the phone and by email. Choose someone who is polite. Interviewing potential candidates is essential. Involve phone calls and emails in the process to organise the interview. This will exemplify their skills in what their job role expects of them. You will also be able to check that their character, manner and body language is what you are looking for when you interview them in person.

As your business further expands, you will start taking on more and more people, until you have a fully fledged staff base. Just remember that the type of person who will flourish in one roll may not be ideal for another, so ensure that you have specialist staff for specific positions rather than trying to get your staff to take a shot at all sorts of different areas. Remember the phrase Jack of all trades, master of none exists for a reason.

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