Great Business Ideas In the Automotive Industry

Great business ideas depend on what industry you’re going in to. You want to start a company in an industry that’s booming. One of the best decisions of your life could be starting a business in the automotive industry. There’s a lot of money to be made there, and plenty of ideas floating about. In fact, I’ve got three of the best business ideas right here:

Mobile Car Cleaning Service

If you’re looking for an easy business idea in the automotive industry, look no further than this one. A car cleaning service is an excellent idea because it’s simple, and can make a lot of money. In general, car cleaning businesses are great, but this one is a little different. My idea is for a mobile service. By this, I mean a service where you go around cleaning people’s cars, rather than have the come to you. It’s more convenient for the customer, which is a good thing. People love the convenience; they love not having to do anything. If they need their car cleaned, they can ring you up and have you come to their house and clean it. All they have to do is pick up the phone, and their day isn’t disrupted by having to clean their car.

The beauty of this business idea is that it isn’t too costly to start up. Of course, there are a few important things that you’ll need to think about. To start, how will you get around to people’s houses? Think about it, you’ll need to have a vehicle that can hold all of your cleaning equipment. The solution to this is simple; you get yourself a large van. Something that is big enough to fit all of your supplies, without being too bulky and hard to drive. You can have a look at some van ideas over on If you find the ideal vehicle to use, your attention should shift to your supplies/equipment. Consider all of the general car cleaning equipment that you’ll need. Power washers, brushes, soap, wax, etc. Get all of these things and stick them in the back of your van. Now, you’re ready to earn some money!

Parts Manufacturing Business

We all know that cars are amazing machines that require lots of different parts to be built. But, did you know that most car manufacturers will get individual parts made elsewhere? It’s true, the likes of Mini and Audi will get certain things made by different companies. This is where my business idea comes into play. You should start up a parts manufacturing company. Your company should work on making certain car parts for different cars. For instance, you may work on creating doors for a Vauxhall Corsa. Or, you’ll make bumpers for a Mini Cooper. There’s no end to what you can manufacture and then sell to various car companies for a decent price. It’s a solid way for you to earn a substantial amount of money.

However, a parts manufacturing business is going to be a big business to run. There are tonnes of things to think about. Firstly, you need a huge warehouse to make all of the car parts. Secondly, you’ll need some offices to deal with all of the admin duties. You know, dealing with stock enquiries, booking deliveries, paying employees, etc. So, your first task is finding suitable business premises, which can be tough. Secondly, you must think about where you’ll get all the materials and equipment from. Car parts are primarily made using metal. In fact, a lot of the materials you need will be made using metal spinning. You can find additional info at if you don’t know what this is. The important thing to note is that you’ll need your metal and materials from somewhere, so find a supplier. Similarly, find a company that can supply the equipment you’ll need to make the parts. Once you’ve got all of this figured out and sorted, you’re ready to open for business. Yes, it’s a sizeable business venture, but the profits you can make are also very large.

Tyre Fitting Business

Everyone with a car will need to get new tyres fitted at some stage. To keep your car running well, you have to, regularly, change tyres when they wear out. The trouble is, people either can’t or don’t want to, change their tyres. So, they look for services that can do it for them. Here’s where a tyre-fitting business comes into the picture. You’ll create a business that will change the tyres on any car, for a fee. Not only that, but you’ll sell a range of tyres for your customers to buy. Not only are you helping them by changing their tyres, but you’re also giving them some to buy. This takes a lot of stress out of the tyre buying process for them. They won’t have to find new ones, and then find a company to fit them. Instead, you’re offering everything in a convenient manner.

What are the key considerations with a business venture like this? Firstly, you’ll need a garage to set everything up. A garage is necessary because your clients can drive there and then you’ll fit their tyres. Secondly, think about how you’ll get all of your stock. You need to find a supplier and get a range of tyres from them, which you’ll sell on. Also, think about staff. The more staff you have, the more cars you can work on at one time. Instead of only being able to fit one set of tyres, you can fit multiple sets at once. Thus, your income will improve dramatically.

So, if you want to start a business in the automotive industry, then these three ideas are your best bets. I must stress the importance of marketing each of these businesses. I didn’t mention it during the piece, but you must market/promote your business. You’ll need websites for all of these ideas and ensure you have a quality strategy in place. Once you’ve done that, there’s nothing in the way of your business and greatness.

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