How Can I Make My New Business Look More Professional?

Maintaining a professional image is so important as a business. When you appear professional and everything is properly thought out, you allow customers to put their trust in you. And trust is so important, especially when you’re a new business. With so many scams and rip off companies around, customers are understandably cautious when it comes to parting with their money. Showing that you are professional and legitimate, and that you will deliver the goods or services that you say is crucial to your success. But what can you do to appear more professional? Here are some ideas.

A Great Website

Having a good online presence is vital these days- even if your business isn’t all conducted online. When people are looking for companies like yours, even if you’re a local company they will be doing so by looking on the internet, and you need to grab their interest and set yourself apart from your competitors. So it makes sense that the first area you would address when it comes to your image and looking professional is your website. It goes without saying that this is vital for the success of your business so there are a few areas you will need to consider. Is yours aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate? Is it intuitive, and is it easy for customers to find all of the information that they need ? It should be quick to load and free of errors. For your website to make the best impression, it absolutely has to be designed by a professional. It’s one area where you won’t regret spending money, since customers will be far more inclined to shop with you if they’re greeted with a good site.

An Engaging Blog

Another way you can look professional as well as show your customers that you really know your stuff in your field of business is to write a blog. This helps to generate a loyal readership, plus blog posts can attract social shares too. Every time your blog post is shared it’s free exposure, another chance to get your name out there and reach new customers. Plus, a blog can help to boost your website in search engine rankings meaning more organic traffic without the cost of additional advertising. If you use a blog platform like WordPress it will easily integrate with your site, you don’t even need to write it yourself. There are tonnes of talented freelance writers online who can create unique and interesting content, if you let them know what you’re looking for you could have a post ready to go within a day or two. Otherwise, this could become part of the job of one of your team.

A Responsive App

Another way you can make your company look more professional is by having an app created. Many of the larger businesses of the world are already reaping the rewards of what an app can do for them, but smaller and medium sized businesses are yet to get on board. Because apps from companies like Apple have to be verified, people know that they’re not scams. So if you have an app, you’re showing customers that you are who you say you are- people can be wary of scams and fake websites especially when it comes to those they’ve never shopped with before. So by having an app created you put people’s mind at ease, and this could be all they need to put their trust in you and make an order. Plus, more sales are now made through phones and tablets than laptops and desktops meaning this is something you absolutely have to get on board with to future proof your business. An app essentially gets your business onto the phones of your customers- which is a very good place to be.

Uniforms and ID Badges

If your business has a physical store, or you have sales people and reps that go out on behalf of your company, then uniforms are a good way to make your business look more professional. Lots of companies offer custom embroidery on things like tshirts, shirts and hats. Your sales reps should also have ID badges with a phone number and details which customers are able to call and verify if needed. A simple laminated ID badge in a clip on lanyard from a company specialising in all of these things is all you need. It keeps all of your staff looking neat and tidy, and helps to give your company a professional image. It goes without saying that the staff wearing the uniforms too should be behaving in a professional manner too, make sure everyone has the right training so they can address any queries or complaints in the best possible way. And that they know exactly what they’re doing in any scenario on the job.

A Nice Workplace

Whether you’re a shop or an office, you want your place of work to make a good impression to customers. Spending some time getting this right could mean an increase in sales- people could be put off or underwhelmed otherwise. Light, neutral colours on the walls make everything feel spacious. Make the most of the natural light, and use daylight bulbs if it’s still too dim. Harsh fluorescents can cast an unflattering glow and make any space look dingy. If you’re in a shop, spend time making the window display look beautiful and lay out the inside so that people can easily browse without it feeling too crowded and claustrophobic.

If you want your business to succeed, attracting customers and showing a strong and professional image to encourage them to shop with you is vital. The competition is fierce when it comes to business, if you’re not up to scratch your customer can quite easily go and find another company to shop with instead. So make sure you’re not missing the mark on these things.

Have you ever been put off shopping with a business due to unprofessionalism?

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