How To Attract The Best Employees And Keep Them

Any good business runs on the strength of its employees. If you haven’t got competent staff to deal the day to day running of the company, things won’t run smoothly. When you’re hiring, you need to remember that although they’re trying to convince you to give them a job, you’ve also got to convince them to choose your company. A lot of employees will only have the one offer and they’ll take it, but the best people are going to have offers from a couple of different places. At this point, you’re competing for them and if you don’t offer them enough, they’ll end up working for one of your competitors and making money for them instead. If you keep finding that the best employees are going elsewhere, try some of these methods for attracting good employees.

Social Media 

Employers are always checking the social media pages of a prospective employee these days, it’s a good way to get a bit of insight into that person. But did you realize that it works the other way around? When people are considering accepting a position with you, they’re likely to check you out beforehand. If you’ve got social media pages that are badly maintained or they’re full of negative comments from customers, people aren’t going to want to work for you. Your social media profiles are an online advert for your company and you need to make sure that they’re sending the right message. Keep them looking professional and update them regularly.


You should always be paying a good salary if you want to get the best talent in, but on top of that, think about paying bonuses. If you give employees extra rewards for their hard work, they’ll be more likely to speak positively about the company and how valued they feel working there. Potential employees will hear this and it will encourage them to accept your offer. Always remember, when you’re paying bonuses you need to give your employees a 1099 form as well as the standard w2 form so they can fill out their tax returns properly. You can find a 1099 form independent contractor online that makes the process very simple. If you end up in trouble for not doing everything above board, that’s seriously going to hurt your chances of finding the best employees.


When we say perks, we aren’t talking about free tea and coffee. Salary is one thing that people look at when making their decision, but the next thing is going to be the benefits and perks that come along with that salary. If you’re offering a good pension scheme, good health insurance, or onsite services like a gym, people will choose you over another company even if the salary isn’t quite as high. As well as the services themselves, people are attracted by the mentality of the company that those benefits display. It shows them that you’re a company that values their employees which is becoming rarer these days.

Most employers think that attracting the best employees is just about paying a higher salary but there’s loads more you can do.

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