How To Make Your Business Appear More Professional

Nowadays, anyone can start a business. You can build a website from your bedroom, and start trading immediately. There’s never been a better time to become an entrepreneur, and explore your business ideas. However, there comes a time when you need to speak to clients, investors, and suppliers. You can’t exactly invite them to your bedroom for a meeting, can you?

It’s your job to show that your business is bigger than it really is. It’s time to put on a professional appearance, and compete with the biggest companies in business. Today, we’re going to show you how to make your business look more professional. Let’s take a look.

Get a real domain name and custom email address

Nothing screams ‘amateur’ louder than sending emails from a Gmail account. If you’re using one of these named email providers like Yahoo or Google, you instantly look small-time. It’s the same if you send clients to a .wordpress or .blogger website. Instead, you need a custom domain name and email. It should be ‘’. This is easier than you think, and it’s the first step to providing professional outreach.

Get a real phone number and address

A PO Box address and a land-line phone number instantly looks professional. Only a big company would have a real address and phone number, right? Even if you are making calls on your cell phone from the bus, don’t let clients know! You can now get a dedicated business address that will take your mail, and act as the registered building for your company. You can also get a real phone number that will redirect to your cell.

Business cards

A business card always looks professional in the eyes of a client or lead. Make sure you have a professional design made up, and keep a few with you at all times. As a new business, you should be out networking on a regular basis. You never know who you’ll bump into, and who will take your company to the next level. Remember to put your new business address and phone number on there for the extra wow-factor!

Think about your appearance

First impressions really do matter, and your clients are looking for professionality. That all starts from your appearance. You may work in your pyjamas all day from home. But, smarten up if you’re meeting clients or investors! That first impression impacts your brand and business. A leader of business knows how to carry themselves, and projects an image of confidence and professionalism. Make sure you’re doing the same.

Hire a conference room or meeting space

Like we said earlier, you can’t invite clients to your bedroom office. What you can do, is hire a conference room or meeting space at a neutral location. It looks infinitely more professional, and it paints the right impression of your business. It’s also a better place to do business than a coffee shop or restaurant.

You might work from your basement, but your clients certainly don’t need to know that. Put on a professional image, and boost that first impression.

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