Software Tricks That Help You Cut Business Costs

As a business owner, it should be a priority of yours to keep those costs tumbling down. At the end of the day, companies are here to make money. And one of the easiest ways to make money is to spend less.

You’ve all heard those traditional cost-cutting tips like buying second-hand or using free marketing. Aside from these, software, and clever use of it, can help you get a leg up on your expenses. It’s a tech-driven world we live in, so by harnessing this power you put yourself in the best possible position.

  1. Cut down on paper and ink waste

Are you still printing out documents to add comments, and printing out duplicates to hand to your staff? Still printing out documents to add to a filing system? Why? Ink and paper aren’t cheap, especially in bulk, so it’s up to you to eliminate this cost.

One option is to invest in CRM software, to help translate the more archaic processes to a digital space. CRM software helps you access and store information, and hosts it on a platform that’s accessible for everyone.

Or, an even more basic option than this is to use an Office Suite, or Google Docs. You can add digital comments to documents using both of these, and can store files in the cloud. This means you don’t have to print multiple copies out to share with people.

  1. Better use of office space

Most companies will have regular staff meetings – and if you don’t, then I’d recommend you do! Meetings are a fine way to catch up with all your staff at once, instead of in chunks. You’ll save a bunch of time, and improve chemistry to boot.

But, meetings take up time, and time takes up money, and wastes salaries – not to mention the cost of the office space. To combat this, effective use of meeting room booking software can offer you a way for staff to only book the space they need. Offices are one of the biggest money-suckers for any company, so try and keep your use of it in check!

  1. Automated marketing tools

Marketing is quite a frustrating aspect of running a business. You have to sink a lot of time into it, but you won’t usually see the results straightaway. This time costs you money, because you’ll have less to put into the day-to-day business tasks.

A tool like HootSuite allows you to post social media updates at any time, from anywhere. You won’t even have to lift a finger, as the update will be posted automatically. There are lots of other software options that can do this for you, so have a look around.

  1. Easier accounting

Businesses need to keep a solid record of their accounts, else they risk a tax punishment. Most will hire an accountant to do this for them, but why bother? You can just do it yourself!

Software like QuickBooks is much cheaper than an accountant, and functions in largely the same way. Obviously, nothing replaces that human common sense and ability, but this is a good way to shave a small cost.

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