Starting Up A Retail Business? You Need Technology On Your Side

Retail is like war. It can be brutal, and it can be bloody. Not only that, but it exists on the frontiers of technology. It is a weapon, and it is a tool. How do you use technology in your retail business though? What do you need?

Stock Tracking

You’re nothing without your stock. If you’ve got nothing to sell, you’ve got nothing anybody will buy. This will strangle your business into submission. Of course, no retail business would open without the stock on their shelves.

Where stock tracking software comes in is knowing what you’ve got and how many of them. There’s nothing worse as a consumer than going to a store and finding out they don’t have what you want. Even worse if there’s a display model, but no actual stock.

That’s disheartening as a consumer. It changes your opinion of a store. Even worse for you, it puts them into the hands of your competition. Stock tracking software lets you easily keep track of what you’ve got, and what you don’t. This helps with resupplying.

Point of Sale

The point of sale is when you hand over the goods and are paid. How does technology make this easier?

Say for example you own a sporting goods store. You want to make the process as quick and easy as possible. So you have a number of TallySales Sporting Goods POS systems installed. POS systems with read barcodes and display prices and totals. They’ll also take various payment methods like cash, credit or debit cards.

A POS system does everything you need to get the customer to pay. It’s more sophisticated than a regular cash register in almost every sense.


You’re going to have a lot of unhappy employees if you don’t pay them on time. Having a payroll system in place ensures you’re paying the right amount to the right person at the right date.

Employee happiness is vital to your business. An unhappy employee may create an unhappy customer. Now, one is not more important over the other. The difference is you can control the employee’s working environment to keep them as happy as possible. Turns out, payment plays a very big part in that.


You’ve got to keep your business safe. Not only are you fighting off competing shops, but potential vandals and thieves. Having CCTV cameras inside your store are vital for fighting crimes like shoplifting.

Not only are they good for identifying any perpetrators during or after the crime, they also work as a deterrent.


If you want to speak to the world, you use the internet. While you might not be using it in-store to communicate, advertising and informing people about your business online is an invaluable tool.

All it takes is a few keystrokes and a few clicks, and you’ve reached a wider audience than you ever would doing local radio.

Retail demands excellence. It demands technology. Don’t get left behind by being stuck in the old ways. The future is now.

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