What To Look For In Your New Office Space

If your business is thriving, it will soon outgrow your spare bedroom or studio office space. At that point, you’ll want to make the big move to a professional office. Perhaps you’re thinking of bringing new employees on board, or moving location. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that your business is growing, and you’re making more money. You just need space to accommodate. The only question is how to choose the right office. There are all sorts of options out there, and price will always be a big factor here. Today, we’re exploring some of the most important factors to consider.

Room to grow – We know you’re only just expanding, but you should always think about the future. Hopefully, your business will continue to thrive. As you add more employees, and improve your resources, your revenue will keep growing. Within eighteen months, you might be ready to expand again. With that in mind, make sure your office space has enough room to grow. Try to give yourself an extra 20% room to account for expansion.

Location – As you can expect, the location of your office space is incredibly important. First of all, you want to choose somewhere close to your main clients and customers. That makes it very easy to conduct meetings, and get right into the heart of the industry. Secondly, you want to consider your employees’ commute. You might not know this, but any commute time longer than 30 minutes can slow down productivity and motivation. Choose an office that is easily accessible, and close to public transport.

Facilities – Ideally, you’ll want to move straight into an office that is fully kitted out. That includes telephone lines, wifi internet, and kitchen facilities. Look for a modern space that requires little or no work. You certainly don’t want any expensive surprises or repairs. And you don’t want to waste time bringing the space up to scratch. Look for somewhere that is ready to move into.

Office type – When researching this article, we had a long chat with the guys at Kent Space. They explained how the different layouts and office types can affect productivity. For example, some companies love the open plan style of modern offices. This style has been embraced by the biggest tech companies in order to promote collaborative working. However, some companies still prefer the closed-off style, with individual rooms. Try to find somewhere with a mix of both. This will encourage natural group work, but give some quiet space for productive sessions.

Rates and costs – Last of all, you’ll want to consider the cost of your office space. Moving into an office will put a big strain on your costs and overheads. It’s a tricky adjustment to make, and you’ll have to ensure that profits are coming in smoothly. Don’t choose somewhere too expensive, as you’ll spend the next two years in a desperate struggle. Remember, one step at a time. You can always upgrade further down the line.

Moving into your first office is a big moment for any entrepreneur. Just make sure you choose an affordable, well-fitted space, with plenty of room to grow.

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