What is classic lorry insurance?

To say that classic lorry insurance provides cover for classic lorries probably begs the question as to what is meant by a classic lorry.

Reasonable as the question may seem, definitions fall into something of a minefield.

The Open Road website, for example, offers the following definitions:

  • veteran vehicles are those manufactured up to and including the end of 1918;
  • Vintage vehicles are those manufactured between 1919 and 1930, although might also include any vehicle made before the outbreak of the Second World War;
  • classics are those which are no longer in production, but which retain a popularity because of their distinction or the history of the marque;
  • modern classics fall into a group of more recently manufactured vehicles which are no longer in production but which also retain a certain status in terms of ownership;
  • oldtimers is a definition used in some European countries – such as Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland – to describe a number of different classic vehicles; and
  • exotic vehicles in the United States are generally recognised as classic cars, although the term is generally reserved for foreign sports cars.

The website What’s the Difference offers a simplified set of definition, but still leaves the question somewhat up in the air.

What does this mean as far as insurance is concerned?

The sheer spread of definitions sparks almost endless debates amongst enthusiasts, who may be forgiven for emerging somewhat more than confused.

Many regular motor insurers are likely to be equally bewildered. Since insurance is inevitably about assessing the risk of loss or damage – and the cost to the insurer if a claim needs to be made – many insurers may regard classic lorry insurance as a step into the unknown.

Specialist providers of classic lorry insurance

There are specialist providers of insurance for classic lorries, however, who are less concerned about definitive descriptions of whatever makes a classic and who instead concentrate on the need to offer suitable protection against the risks of loss or damage.

Specialist brokers such as this are well placed to use their expertise and experience to match a customer’s particular, individual needs and circumstances to the insurance products available.

In that specialist approach, therefore, such a provider may take into account the special circumstances of insuring a classic lorry:

  • the vehicle might often be used for a very limited number of miles each year – and specialist insurance may be offered at a discount to reflect such limited use;
  • a classic lorry is also likely to be just one of a number of vehicles owned and insured by the customer – who may earn valuable discounts on the premiums paid when more than one motor insurance policy is arranged;
  • classic lorry insurance also needs to take into account the use to which the vehicle is likely to be put – it might continue to be used for the commercial purposes for which it was originally intended, for instance, or its use might be restricted to that of a collector’s piece, with only occasional outings to such events as classic motor shows; and
  • whatever the intended use and annual mileage of the classic lorry, a specialist insurer might also ensure that the security afforded such a prized possession is reflected in the premiums charged.

All in all, therefore, you might want to tap into the expertise and experience of a specialist broker when arranging your classic lorry insurance.

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