Why Insurance Is So High For Young Drivers

Passing your test and getting your first car is probably the best feeling in the world. You’ll finally have the independence to go where you want, without having to wait for a lift, use public transport, or walk. But one big set back young drivers have to face is their insurance policies. They’re so high that it delays, or even stops some being able to drive for a long while. It’s rare for policies to dip to a manageable level until over the age of 25. Let’s explore the reasons why it’s so high, and what you can do to try and lower it.

Well, the main reason for the higher price is the fact that young drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident than anyone else. Whether that be due to inexperience, dangerous driving, or even nerves of being on the road on their own without an instructor. The statistics state that for every mile that is driven, a young driver would be three times more likely to crash than one that’s over the age of 20. It’s likely that because of the media plastering these statistics everywhere that the insurance policies are so high. There’s more on the crash statistics over at theguardian.com.

It also used to be the case that boy’s insurance was higher than girls, however this scrapped, and girls insurance was raised to the same level as boys. Although it is thought that some insurances do still discriminate. It was a known fact that boys had more accidents than girls, but due to society pushing for equality on both sides, the insurance companies had to listen.

After the age of 25, there is a noticeable plunge in insurance prices. As long as you have built up your no claims bonus, and haven’t got any driving convictions, you can look forward to paying around £400-£700 a year. This is a sharp drop from the £1000 or above that your first policy will be. There are also harsher sanctions for road traffic offenses. If you received 6 penalty points or more within the first 2 years of driving, you’ll face either a ban of 6 months or more. Or you’ll have to take your driving test again. Both will cost time and money, as you’ll need a few lessons to break the bad habit you would have acquired.

The first thing to do to bring that premium down is look for a sensible car. Boys especially try to go for the flashy, quick, or modified car. Insurances hate these, and it’s common for adults to have a hard time insuring them, let alone young drivers. Something like a small Toyota Aygo would be rather cheap. Try looking for insurers who aren’t on comparison websites such as cheapautoinsurance.co.uk.  You’re more likely to find a cheaper quote. You can read more on why you should shop around at quotegoat.com.

One way of reducing your premium would be taking a pass plus certificate. This involves motorway driving for six hours, which in turn will help reduce the risk of you causing an accident. Try putting a parent or guardian on your policy. As long as they don’t have any offences themselves, it can lower the price slightly.

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