5 Unusual Alternative Investments To Stocks

When we picture investing our hard-earned money, we tend to imagine stocks and shares. We think of Wall Street and stock exchange prices. We imagine brokers and mutual funds. However, there is a much broader spectrum of investment out there. Some of it more lucrative than stocks and shares. It’s always important to invest your money in an industry you understand. So, why not look to something a little closer to home? Today we’re looking at some of the more unusual investments around the world. You don’t have play the same game as everyone else. Let’s take a look.

  1. Comic books & sports memorabilia

There is a lot of money to be found in old collections. Perhaps you’ve already got a few dusty issues up the loft! Recently, a number of first-edition comic books sold for more than three million dollars at auction. The comic book universe has boomed into an enormous industry, thanks to the success of Marvel movies. Now the most popular franchise of all time, the original source material is highly valued. The same goes for unique and rare sports memorabilia which regularly sells for millions at auction.

  1. Oil

You may not be familiar with oil investing, but it is big business! The money here lies with the reputable, reliable oil companies. By investing in them, you can see a very healthy return on investment. Naturally, oil companies consistently turn over high profits and make healthy gains. If it’s an industry you’re unfamiliar with, be sure to carry out extensive research on each company.

  1. Wine

We all know that wine gets better with age. If you invest in a cellar full of exceptional wine, the price will eventually soar. As the wine gets better, so does the price you can command. Of course, this is a long-term investment route, so it’s perfect for the retirement fund. Wine takes many years to mature to its perfect taste. The best thing about ‘wine funds’ is that it will ride out the external market factors like a recession. After all, we need wine to help us get through it!

  1. Domain names

The practice of buying domain names was very popular in the early internet days. It’s trickier than it once was, but still possible. Buying domain names allows you to build a large portfolio of valuable addresses. Ultimately, a larger company will want that space, and you’re on hand to give it to them. At a price, of course. Or, you can put that domain to use with a revenue-generating website.

  1. Art

It’s always worth looking at the markets where the value of assets increases. One such market is the art world. The best paintings and artwork grow in value every year. The trick here is learning to spot a future classic. Only those with a nose for art should invest here. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a loss of investment.

As you can see, investing doesn’t have to be boring. You can watch your money grow in an industry you love. Combine investing with your passions and see where it takes you.

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