Investing & Why Property Is the Smartest Investment Of All

It’s all well and good that you’ve saved money up, but what is it doing for you? Is it sitting in a bank account with little to no return on the interest? Your money can take you places; it can build and grow. It can turn you into a trader or a landlord – you just need to take the first step.

Many will have you believe that investing is a slippery slope.

In some cases? They might be right! Some people out there will take advantage of you and offer you ‘once in a lifetime investment opportunities,’ then take your money and run. This – it’s a Ponzi scheme. It’s an uneducated investment made on hope and gullibility. HowStuffWorks have a great breakdown of Ponzi’s idea:

“Ponzi’s investment idea was plausible: He could buy reply coupons in a different country where they were cheaper, and then sell them in the United States where they were worth more.  The difference was profit that he could share with his investors. The hitch? When he tried to carry through on his business idea, it didn’t work out as well in practice as it did in theory. The mechanics of conducting business overseas, transporting the coupons and exchanging them for cash caused delays and extra costs that prevented him from paying investors as quickly as he’d promised. Nevertheless, he kept the bad news to himself. Every day, new, excited investors who heard about the idea wanted in and handed over their savings. Ponzi decided to take the money, but not run. He kept up the ruse by paying off his initial investors with some of the new money that was pouring in and pocketed some for himself. Because his early investors were making money, no one was complaining.”

This? It’s something you know nothing about – why would you give a man like Ponzi money?

So – what do you need to invest in? It’s real things. Commodities and property. Shares in companies. Tangible assets that you can see for yourself and that nobody can manipulate.

Property is an amazing investment opportunity as it offers you the chance to become an owner of a real piece of land and the soaring property upon it. Once you own the property and rent it out to tenants, there should be no stopping you! You can choose to do this yourself, or join up with a group – ideally you want to be part of a firm that puts investors first, so do your research. There is plenty of reading material. If your gut instinct is telling you not to make the investment, don’t do it.

The property market offers a safer investment and although it does bow to the demands of the market – it’s not like a business. There have been plenty of businesses ‘too big to fall’. What happened to them? They collapsed and left investors penniless. At the very least an investment into property can put a roof over your head should the worst occur. It won’t though, not if you’re safe with your money.

Invest smart, this shouldn’t be a gamble into the unknown!

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