Military Families Can Save Money With These 4 Simple Tips

Frugal living has come back into style in a big way over the past couple of years. Nowadays, most families are looking for ways they can save a dime here or a dollar there by cutting costs.

For many households, especially military ones, where only one parent is working, cutting down on the cost of living is a must. Saving money on everything, from groceries to utility bills is crucial for low-income families.

In many military families, the set up is that while one parent is on active duty, the other is at home raising the children. With all the travelling service families do, it can be almost impossible for the partners of military men and women to hold down jobs.

For military families, where only one parent is working, saving money is crucial. To help you save money, here is our top tips for how you can cut down on spending.

  1. Plan meals in advance

One of the biggest downfalls of families trying to save money is taking an impromptu trip for takeaway. Instead of serving up a healthy, low-cost meal, you end up spending twice as much on greasy takeaway food.

By planning your family’s meals in advance, you remove the temptation to splurge on a takeaway when the cupboards are bare. Each Saturday or Sunday – whichever day is grocery shopping day, plan your family’s meals for the week. Knowing what you are making for dinner should prevent you from ordering takeaway and blowing your budget.

  1. Buy reduced food

Find out at what time your local grocery store reduces their nearly out of date food and plan you weekly shop for around that time. It’s amazing the savings you can make when buying reduced food, especially reduced meat.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that reduced food needs to be consumed immediately when that’s not the case. All reduced food, including reduced meat can be frozen and defrosted whenever you need it.

So the next time you see the reduced cart at your local store, don’t be afraid to pile your own cart high.

  1. Live in military accommodation

One of the major benefits military families have is being able to live in military housing. When you are moving from place to place, it doesn’t make sense to buy a house, renting is a much better option.

However, renting with the fees and high rent prices that come with it, can be expensive. Fortunately, for military families there is the possibility of living in specialist accommodation. Renting an Ultris Banyan Grove property is cheaper, has fewer fees and comes with a flexible lease.

  1. Entertain the kids at home

Saving For Military Family
Nothing eats into your weekly budget more than taking the kids for a day out – theme parks are just so expensive.

Instead of taking the children out for the day, find ways to entertain them at home. Have a family movie day, play board games, get crafty, there are plenty of ways you can entertain the kids at home.

For military families, another benefit of living in military accommodation is the free entertainment. In military communities, there are always things going on, from fun days and parties to playdates with other kids. Living in a military community, the children will never be bored.

Cutting costs and saving money doesn’t have to be hard, it just requires planning and smart thinking. Take the first steps to making your family more frugal by following these useful tips.

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