Mobile Phone Bills Costing Too Much? Read This!

There are plenty of affordable networks to choose from. But, it seems that some people end up with astronomical mobile bills! More often than not, mobile bills end up being high because of extra charges. For instance, we might have called too many people and ended up over our voice call allowances.

Are you finding that your mobile bills are too expensive? Do you want to do something about it, other than not use your phone? Today’s handy guide will help you to cut down those costs. Here is what you need to know:

Determine what your average usage is

The first thing you need to do is scrutinize your monthly mobile usage. You can do this by reading through your past six months’ worth of bills. If you don’t have paper copies, you can usually download PDF versions from your network provider’s website.

What you need to do is analyze your voice, SMS and data usage. Services like voicemail may also come under your voice quota.

Change your calling plan – if possible

Next, you will need to contact your network provider and upgrade to a more suitable calling plan. It might sound odd, but here’s why getting a more expensive plan makes sense:

  • You pay more because you are going over small usage limits;
  • A more expensive plan has higher limits;
  • If you stick within your quota, your new calling plan will work out cheaper than the old one with extra charges.

Some network providers let you upgrade online through their website. Others may require you to give their customer services department a call. If you’re not sure how to contact them, check through the paperwork you received when you first set up your mobile contract.

There is usually some info that includes contact numbers for customer services. If you don’t have any details to hand, do a search on the Web to find out.

Check if you’re entitled to a free phone and calling plan

According to Issa Asad from Florida, low-income earners in the USA are often eligible for a free cell phone and calling plan. That’s thanks to a federal benefits program called Lifeline. If you find that you can’t afford your mobile bills, and you’re on a low income, this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for!

The free phones you get are usually smartphones. They will let you call, text and browse the web, as well as send and receive email.

Use free communications apps over Wi-Fi

Those of you with smartphones can often do many things for free if you’ve got a Wi-Fi Internet connection that you can use!

For example, iMessage and WhatsApp let you send text messages, photos, and videos to other people for free if they use the same apps. Viber and Skype are apps you can use to make free video calls. FaceTime (iOS) lets you make free voice calls over Wi-Fi.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to drive down the cost of your mobile bills. Now you know what to do, it’s time to get busy!

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